Which shoes are best for arch support?

When you are purchasing, shoes do you look and think about if your shoes are allowing the arch support that you need? Spendless is here to help you understand which shoes are best for arch support.

What is arch support?

There are a few different types of arch support, which are flat foot/low arch, average arch and high arch.

A flat foot/low arch is where it rolls inwards, but this can cause knee pain. The second type is normal arch which is where the foot has a normal arch which rolls in slightly. Average arch usually experiences issues, and this kind of arch usually requires medical support. The high arch is the final type of arch for a foot.

What is the best type of shoe?

Flat feet

The best type of shoes for flat feet can be found by looking for a kind of shoe that allows for a little more cushion than another person. This means that you may have to add an innersole into your shoe which can be found on our website to add a little more comfort. Therefore, the best type of shoes for people who experience flat feet would be to look in our men’s sneaker or work/school shoes range which gives a little more added comfort than another type of shoe or our women’s school/work and sneaker range which also provides support to the foot. Also, the women a more dresser style to look for would be something with a block heel such as a mules range which will give stability but also allow for comfort without bringing your arch up too high making it uncomfortable.

High arch

If you are trying to locate a shoe for high arch support, then you want to be looking for something that can allow you to remove soles and place in your orthopaedics inside the shoe. Although Spendless do not currently have an orthopaedics range of shoes, you can always visit your nearest store as can be found through our store finder to see if you have the ability to remove the innersole to place your orthopaedics inside the shoe.

Finally, if you do locate a great pair of shoes that give you the support you need for your arch you can always either purchase them online at our Spendless Shoes website. We also have heaps of information regarding delivery estimates and postage fees as well as other frequently asked questions. You can also use our site to locate one of our 220+ stores with our store locator and find in a store.

Our find in store option on the website allows:

To look for a shoe and to click its colour and size and then to click find in a store, place your postcode into the browser and then see your nearest store.

The most significant thing about our find in store option is that you can shop online and if you are unsure about your arch or the support you need you can locate our shoes in your nearest store and then go and try them on in store. Having difficulties with your arch should not have to be a long process and with the help of our Spendless Shoes website and our options to locate in a store you will be getting the help you need to find the right shoe for your arch in no time.