What Men’s Shoes Go With Everything?

Why is it essential to have versatile dress shoe? In a word: convenience! Your collection of designer sneakers is sure to have all sort of designs in different colours and textures. When you’ve got time to put thought into your outfit for the day, there’s no reason why you can’t take a moment to pick out the ideal comfortable sneakers to wear with your ensemble.


But, what about days when you’re running late, too stressed, or too busy thinking about other things to work out what styles to take out? Well, that’s when it pays to have designer shoes that you can match with anything.


If you know that you need the reliable and enduring comfort of our simple designs of a casual shoe, then you shouldn’t have to hesitate about putting them on or worry about what clothes to pair with them. With our classic sneaker, you won’t even need to pause and think about it! 


Simply slide into your trusty pair of a dress shoe, put on whatever outfit you want, and get going for the day.

Casual Sneakers are an easy match with any outfit!


The best part about buying rubber sole like these mens sneakers is that you’ll be able to wear them in any season too. Unlike air max, sandals, and other seasonal designs, casual sneakers can come out to play at any point of the year. In summer and spring, they’ll be a timeless everyday look with your favourite t-shirt and shorts.


During autumn and winter, you can style these lace sneaker or lace up boot with your go-to jeans and a long-sleeve shirt. Would you like to hear about what types of sneakers Olympus has available for you this season? 


We have many different sneaker brands designs, so there’s sure to be a sustainability sneaker in this section that catches your eye. You can find our trendy trainers in colours like black sneakers, grey, khaki green, navy, tan, white sneaker, and more!


With a great mix of classic and trendy shades available with ultimate comfort on our mens casual shoes, you can choose whichever appeals most to your aesthetic. While the majority of our Nike air-inspired sneakers are lace-up styles that you can adjust to your ideal comfort, we also have similar looks that are slide-on designs.


These slip-on business casual look also have a comfy feel thanks to their stretchy elasticised gussets, which allows them to suit any foot shape. The naturally quick fit on these slip on shoes has made them a popular choice for customers in 2021.

Boat styles are also a popular pick for customers!


Like our casual look sneakers, boat-look casual sneakers are pairs that can work with your wardrobe throughout the year. These classic slip on shoes designs have sleek leather-look material, rounded toes, and contrast soles. 


When you need something with more coverage than a sandal that’s still lightweight and flexible, our boat-style mens casual should be your go-to. Don’t you love the laced looped through the sides and the cool contrast stitching?


Some of our best-loved casual sneakers from this collection come with pin-punched material on top too. The textured finish gives these white sports pairs a more modern vibe and also offers more breathability for your feet. You’ll appreciate the extra airflow during the hottest summer days like Nike air max.


While wearing socks isn’t strictly necessary with boat-look casual sneakers, you might want to consider layering up pin-punched ones during winter to be safe! You can get boat styles in two different versions: one with a lace-up top and another with a slide-in fit low top.


The lace-up version of these men’s casual sneakers offers you the ability to loosen and tighten the style to your ideal specifications. Still, that doesn’t mean that our slide-on pairs won’t provide an excellent fit.


The elastic top gussets can stretch to accommodate your unique foot shape with ease. So, what sort of outfits might you wear with boat shoes? You can wear any of your favourite casual clothes with boat styles, but we have some recommendations for anyone who wants to dress their look up a little.

Are you looking for something cosier?


Olympus has sustainable materials shoe brands that can suit everything in your at-home wardrobe too! Considering we’re into winter and have cold weather on the way, now is the perfect time to tell you about the slipper boots and fluffy slides available in bigger footwear size from our shelves right now. Have you been working from home a lot this year?


Cosy wide fit shoes are the ideal workwear for guys doing their work remotely. Even if you don’t live in a state that’s had a string of lockdowns, there are still plenty of businesses and common projects that have moved their operations online to keep up with social distancing rules and other safety guidelines.


If you’re based out of your home office for days during your business week, then make premium materials slippers part of your work uniform. After all, as long as the top half of your body is adequately dressed for any Zoom meetings or video calls, you can get away with wear pyjamas or sweatpants on the bottom and the slippers of your choosing.


If you’re looking for something simple and soft, then our slide-on is going to be your favourites. While the fuzzy material and fluffy lining provide a warm and cosy feel, the open-backed designs allow for airflow. These are ideal afterpay day purchase for guys who want to keep their toes toasty without overheating their feet. 


Of course, if you have notoriously cold feet during autumn and winter and know slipper boots are the only styles that will satisfy your needs, then our pull-on slippers will tick all of the boxes. You won’t find Chelsea boots that feel warmer or cosier than our slipper boots, and that’s a fact!

Which styles will you be taking home this season?


We’ve only told you about a tiny portion of our men’s sports brand in this article. If you loved hearing about one of those blazer mid designs, then head to our online store and have a closer look at our blazer low black sport. Otherwise, feel free to browse through a range of colours of our Lifestyle shoes at your leisure. 


There’s a perfect Olympus sports shoes style for every customer who shops with us, so find yours today!