What Makes A Good 'Lifestyle' Shoe?

Men's Lifestyle shoes are some of the most popular styles in the Olympus range. If you haven't heard about these excellent designs, then this article is for you! Let us bring you up to speed, and we're sure men's Lifestyle shoes will make their way onto your next shopping list! 


Are you familiar with how to find the range?


As a regular customer of Olympus, you'd know your way around our website, then you're good to skip ahead to other sections of this article. Are you still here? No problem! We'll give you a simple explanation of how to best navigate around right now so that you can find your way to men's Lifestyle shoes faster! 


Whether you're on the Olympus homepage or any other section, you should be able to see four headings at the top of the webpage: New Arrivals, Shoes, Accessories, and Sale. You'll find men's Lifestyle shoes a subcategory of the 'Shoes' heading. Position your mouse on the 'Shoes' heading and a drop-down menu with open underneath it. 


From there, all you need to do is click on the 'Lifestyle' heading. Once the page refreshes, you'll be looking at the full collection of men's Lifestyle shoes that we have on offer this season. Feel free to have a scroll down the page and browse through the selection at your leisure. Otherwise, you can use the search filters on the left-hand side to generate a more refined assortment of men's Lifestyle shoes. 


Tick the boxes to select the colour, size, or price range of your ideal pair. The page will reload to display items that fit the criteria you've chosen, and you'll get to see which men's Lifestyle shoes suit your needs.   


What sort of styles does Olympus categorise as men's Lifestyle shoes?


Anyone who's shopped for styles from us before will know that Olympus has a huge collection of footwear on offer. Our men's Lifestyle shoes are a carefully curated range of comfortable, supportive, and stylish designs. 


Shoes in this group are everyday styles and ones made for outdoor play! From casual sneakers and walking shoes to men's comfortable sandals and slides, Olympus has it all. The one thing that all of our men's Lifestyle shoes have in common is that they get made for the most versatile wear. 


Buying a design from us means you can rely on long-lasting support, all-day comfort, and a timeless feel. Men's Lifestyle shoes are the sort of pairs that never go out of style, which means there's never a wrong time to buy them! You'll be able to dress up and dress down a single, smart casual set with any outfit in your current wardrobe. Most of our men's Lifestyle shoes are trans-seasonal too! 


While styles like our slides and sandals are especially excellent in spring and summer, the majority of the others will work well during any time of the year. 


What makes our sandals such a great choice?


Browse through the assortment of men's Lifestyle shoes, and you'll see that we have a lot of sandals! These durable designs are a step above your average sandals and flats. 


Firstly, men's Lifestyle shoes like these come with touch-fastening straps. Not only does this give you a more secure fit, but it also means you can adjust your sandals whenever you need to! A long day of walking or standing will naturally make your feet swell up a bit. When they start feeling tight with your men's Lifestyle shoes, just loosen the straps and keep going comfortably! 


Along with our classic leather and synthetic sandals, we also have a handful of excellent reef-walkers. These waterproof men's Lifestyle shoes are ideal for guys who want something to wear down at the beach, in the surf, around rock-pools, and anywhere else your feet might get wet. Since these have grooved soles and tread built to grip onto slippery surfaces, they won't have trouble walking on algae-covered rocks or anything like that. 


Also, since they've got a decent sole, you don't have to worry about stepping on sharp stones or shells because you'll have ample protection from your men's Lifestyle shoes! Just keep in mind to put sunscreen on your feet if you're going out in reef-walkers; they are open designs! 


Are you searching for men's Lifestyle shoes with enduring comfort and a trendy vibe? 


Our men's sneakers and boat shoes are a great catch! Your choice includes decorative laces looped through the sides and cool contrasting stitching. Our lifestyle shoes in this boat-ready look come with stylish pin-punched material on top. Don't you love their understated style? 


The pull-on versions are perfect for guys who want men's Lifestyle shoes that they can slip on and off easily when they're in a hurry. Besides, the elastic top gussets make for a cosy and stretchy fit too! But what about lace-up men's Lifestyle shoes? 


We think these have an extra touch of formality and that they look great with smart casual outfits! Dress your men's Lifestyle shoes underneath a collared shirt and chino shorts, and you'll be ready for a summer event or dinner with the family! 


Our sneakers and trainers are sure to keep you smiling too.  Like any classic sneaker, men's Lifestyle shoes in this design can loosen or tighten to suit your foot shape perfectly. Whether you're a narrow, average, or wide fit, you can customise Olympus trainers until you're happy! Don't be fooled by the sleek side profile on our stylish sneakers— they might not be sportswear, but they still have a grooved tread and flexible soles. 


Spending a full day and night in trainers is no trouble, and you can count on reliable comfort from these men's lifestyle shoes. These come in a vast array of colours in 2021, so you're spoiled for choice! 


Why not have a look? 


Did you enjoy hearing about some of our most popular men's lifestyle shoes? We've barely scratched the surface, and there are so many more styles for you to discover in 2021! Now that you know the range, there's no reason you can't stop and scroll through them.

Have a look at some of Olympus' top designs today!