What Is The Latest Trend In Ladies’ Heels?

Heels and more heels! Heels are always in fashion, and Spendless have the latest trends to tell you all about!

On our Spendless website we have a range of heels that we are sure you will find a pair that you love but what are the latest trends in ladies' heels? Within our website, we have a dedicated area for ladies heels which includes block heels, high heels, low heels, mules and wedges.

The block heel

One of the styles that are really in right now is the block heel. It allows for a fashion-forward look but still gives you the stability to be able to walk around all day in them. On our Spendless website, we have a range of style which includes high block heels to medium block heels, and they also cover a massive variety of colours and styles. One of the latest trends in ladies' heels is the colour red, and these can also be found on our website.

High Heels

The high heel is a classic and has been around for years. It usually includes a stiletto heel which can be a little more challenging for some people but still looks fantastic for formal outfits and dresses. On our Spendless website, we have a range of high heels which include the classic stiletto and the block heel and they can also be found in a variety of colours as well.

Low Heels

The next trend in ladies' heels is the low heel which has come back into season the past few years. Now there are a more significant number of styles for something that can be worn at the office all day or out and about when you have to be on your feet at an even all day. Our low heels include dresser styles as well as much more casual styles which meaning there is something for everybody.
A new massive trend that has hit the market in ladies' fashion is mules. Mules are a great alternative because they give you so much more support and also look quite incredible with any outfit ranging from jeans to a dress. Without a pair of mules in your wardrobe, it is probably not complete.

How can I purchase a beautiful pair of stylish shoes?

You can purchase the shoes in two ways, online our website or at one of our stores.
Our online shop has delivery times and costs that can be found on this page. If you have any other questions regarding our shoes, we have a contact us page which can be found here. If you are after a pair of shoes but would like to try them one, you can use our store locator, or you can locate the shoes in one of our stores and then go in to try them on.
To find in store you just have to choose the shoe, colour and size and click find in store, provide your postcode and it will bring up your nearest stores which you can select and see if they have the shoes in stock for you to go and try on.

With these latest tips in what is trending in ladies heels you be sure updating your wardrobe in no time and Spendless and here to help you update it!