What are the best walking shoes for women?

The big dilemma what are the best walking shoes for women? There are so many categories depending on your occasion or event such as heels, flats, wedges and sneakers.

With so many choices and so little time, what is a woman supposed to do to find the best walking shoes for her? This all depends on specific factors such as if she prefers no heel, mid heel or high heels or just a casual walking shoe. Have no fear the world has come to the party and now it is fashionable to wear your favourite sneakers or low mid heels out and about. It is even becoming fashionable to wear sandals to a wedding, oh happy days! So what are the best walking shoes for women?

The most significant question mark of all, are heels the best walking shoes for women?

In simple they can be, but it all depends on the person. Some women can walk around in 9-inch heels all day and not feel a thing and then other women prefer to stay right away from high heels. Heels can be comfortable and the best walking shoes for women but there are also small tricks such as gel innersoles which can become your best friend with high heels.

However, there is another option for women who are not our game to try walking in high heels all day, and those are wedges. Wedges are a great alternative heel to a stiletto because they allow more support. They can be a great way to get that high heel feeling but also ensuring that you can walk around all day at the office or shopping!

Another option is flats no longer do sandals mean just a flat sandal they now include mules which can be small heels, mid heel or high heel. Flats are a great shoe for walking all day especially if you are down the beach or just enjoying a day shopping as they are comfortable and still look stylish. Spendless Shoes has all different types of flats ranging from sandals, slides, thongs, loafers, ballet flats or even comforts flats which can be perfect walking shoes!

Finally, there are sneakers now; before you think why I would wear a pair of sneakers out and about let me tell you the right pair of sneakers with a classic outfit can make all the difference. Sneakers are designed to give comfort and flexibility and still great for training, but now sneakers also come in sports luxe. Luxe sneakers look incredibly stylish with your jeans, shorts and even skirts and are the most comfortable walking shoes for women who are either on their feet all day or doing a lot of walking.

Overall, to single out one style of shoes as the best type of walking shoes for women would just be unfair to the other styles as everyone is different and has different comfort levels. Instead, it is all about finding the right pair of shoes with your outfit that is the best walking shoes for YOU and remember you always can add a little more comfort with inner soles which means more high heels and more support, win, win!