Versatile Men's Lifestyle Shoes Perfect for Any Occasion

Are you looking for a new pair of men’s lifestyle shoes? Well, you have come to the right place. The team at Olympus knows exactly what style of footwear a guy will need. Whether you have a special event or a casual day in the park, we have the perfect men’s classic sneaker ready and waiting for you. These sneaker brands are a great style of footwear to wear on a day-to-day basis.


They can pair well with formal and casual attire, so you will never be stuck to choose what type of kicks to throw on your feet. To help you select your next pair of versatile men’s ultimate comfort shoes that can get worn for any occasion, we have gathered some of our best styles.


Take some inspiration from our top picks of mens casual shoe and watch how the compliments roll in quickly. Your next fit will look amazing in these mens casual shoes. Scroll down below to find your new favourite pair, dude!


Canvas Sneakers!


A versatile style of mens shoes that we are super excited about is canvas sneakers. These running shoe offer comfort and style, which are the two main things every guy wants in his new pair of footwear.


Canvas sneakers can get worn to just about every occasion, and they will not ruin your look. These white sneaker are a must-have for every man and their best friends. You can style these mens sneakers up or down to suit the occasion you are about to attend.


We love to see a pair of canvas sneakers styled with chinos, a casual t-shirt, and an oversized jacket. This look is the go-to for a family day in the playground or a relaxing shopping trip.


If you feel like wearing these lace sneaker to a more formal event, why not style these kicks with a pair of denim jeans and a button-up shirt. You will feel comfortable and look super stylish with these rubber sole lifestyle shoes on your feet!


Boat Kicks!


Are you looking for the ultimate laidback style of dress shoe? Do not fear – we have got you sorted. A pair of boat shoes are the perfect men’s lifestyle kicks that are waiting for you.


These men’s casual sneakers offer a modern design of footwear which is exactly what you need in your wardrobe. These kicks are great to wear at the pub or a dinner with the missus by the sunset.


They are super versatile so, you can wear them for any occasion without worrying that they will not suit your look. These shoe brands offer a much more laidback vibe, so they are easy to throw on before rushing out the door (no one likes to keep the boys waiting!).


Try something new and invest in a pair of these boat shoes. The design is super unique and trendy so, you will look great from morning until night!


Woven Loafers!


Say hello to the woven loafers! These men’s wide shoes are hot property in the fashion world at the moment. This look is due to its high level of versatility and breathability.


The woven loafers are made with a material that has geometric cut-outs along the side and top of the footwear. This unique design is what makes this men’s casual shoe so popular. They offer something different that has not been seen before in the fashion world.


They are a much more popular style of men’s suede classic shoes in the warmer months of the year because of the cut-outs around the footwear.


If you have an event coming up that is located by the beach, then a pair of woven loafers will be your go-to kicks. Sand, water or warm balmy air, these woven loafers will get you through the summer season with ease because of their sustainable materials.




Do you own a pair of sandals? If you are shaking your head, then now is the time to invest.


Sandals are the perfect laidback style of lifestyle shoes for common projects that can get worn for any occasion. These are a super casual low top design of footwear for guys, which makes them so easy and comfortable to wear.


You can throw these on with a pair of shorts and a tank top for a lazy day around the house, or you need some men’s sport clothing to get you through the day. These are also the perfect choice to wear for a day full of running errands.


With these men’s ultimate comfort lifestyle shoes, you will find plenty of comfort.


The best part about wearing a pair of sandals on a day-to-day basis is that they have touch-fastening straps. This feature will keep your feet secure throughout the day so, you will not have to worry about losing your pair of sports shoes.


Work Boots!


Working hard or hardly working? No matter what mood you are in for the day, a pair of work designer shoes will make it so much better.


These brown leather work boots are making a statement in the fashion world and are becoming more than just a pair of kicks to work in. These work boots are the perfect pair of stylish business casual kicks for any occasion.


Whether you have a dinner date with your girlfriend or a boy’s night at the pub, these men’s business casual shoes will have your look sorted. Work boots are an on-trend style of men’s lifestyle shoes due to their comfort level and unique design.


Guys love to pair these kicks with a pair of denim jeans, a loose-fitting t-shirt, and a flannel jacket around the waist. It is a super casual look that can take you through the day with ease. Watch the compliments roll in with this look!




The ultimate pair of men’s lifestyle shoes are the slides. This style of footwear offers comfortable and easy-to-wear kicks for your everyday needs. Who doesn’t love comfortable footwear in a range of colours? It would be a crime if you did not!


Slides are the best style of footwear to throw on when you decide to head to the beach on a warm afternoon or need to head to the grocery store to pick up some goodies for dinner. We know that slides are a must-have in every guy’s wardrobe.


You do not want to miss out on these super comfortable men’s lifestyle shoes in all footwear sizes.   


Do you have an event coming up?


Take the stress away of coordinating your perfect outfit by investing in a pair of men’s designer sneakers. These kicks will have you looking stylish all day and night long, dude! Head over to the Olympus website to find your next best pair of kicks!