Unbeatable Socks and Sneaker Combos for Men

If you need a wardrobe refresh, look no further because we have what you are looking for. Olympus knows the right style of kicks for every guy to wear, so that you will find your new favourite style right here. One style of shoe that is making headlines in the fashion world are men’s sneakers.


These shoes are what every guy needs in his wardrobe as soon as possible. You can easily take your look from 0 to 100 real-quick with a pair of men’s sneakers. 


What is even better about investing in men’s running shoes is that you can whip up some super cool socks and shoe combos. Let out your inner child and use your creativity with your men’s sneakers and socks combinations. These kicks offer a fun and quirky platform for you to express yourself and the fashion styles you identify with. 


Trust us, dude, you will have compliments coming in left, right and centre with a pair of men’s sneakers and socks. Take a read below if you are keen to learn more about our super cool styles of men’s sneakers


Combo #1 – High-Tops


If you are on the hunt for a pair of super trendy styles of men’s sneakers, then we have the perfect option for you. Give a warm welcome to classic high-tops. These kicks are infamous for their association with basketball, and most professional basketballers would wear these kicks during a game. 


High-tops are super supportive for your feet and offer plenty of comfort for your day-to-day wear. If you find yourself quite active and love the outdoors, then these men’s sneakers are the perfect choice for you. Ditch your nike, tommy hilfiger, converse shoes and try this new style.


You can create the coolest socks and shoes combinations with these kicks. Flex your favourite pair of bright and colourful socks with these high-tops, and you will feel like the king of the world. This combination is too good to miss out on, so make the most of it while you can!


Combo #2 – Canvas Kicks


Treat yourself to a pair of canvas kicks! This style of men’s sneakers is hot property within the fashion world, and we are all for it. The canvas kicks are super versatile in how you can wear them and provide an easy shoe for your everyday look. Men’s canvas sneakers are a style of shoe that every guy and his best friend need in their wardrobe. 


These kicks are breathable, stylish, and simple, which makes for a great combination when it comes to finding your new favourite pair of men’s sneakers. These shoes also offer a great platform to unleash your creative side and whip up the perfect sock and shoe combination. 


The men’s canvas sneakers are low-sitting shoes, so you have plenty of space from your ankle to your mid-calf to show off some cool socks. We love the combination of men’s sneakers with a pair of socks with your favourite TV show characters on there. 


If you are more of a food lover, then there are socks with graphics to choose from, including sushi, avocadoes and even prawns on there. The options are endless, which is why a pair of men’s canvas sneakers and funky socks are the perfect fashion look for you. 


Combo #3 – Block Colours


The perfect pair of men’s sneakers that every guy will want to own is a pair of block-coloured kicks. These shoes can be paired with everything, no matter what colour or style your clothing is. The best part about block-coloured men’s sneakers is that they are also super comfortable and durable. You can always rely on a pair of these kicks to last you from morning until night without any discomfort. 


You can also have plenty of fun with a set of these kicks and your choice of sock combinations. Thanks to the monotone colours, you have more freedom to mix and match the style of socks you want to wear. We find that you get the option of wearing bright coloured socks or vibrant-patterned socks to add some life to your monotone men’s sneakers. 


This tip is an efficient way to spice up your daily look without having to put too much effort into it. Your mates will love these socks and shoe combinations!  


Combo #4 – Touch-Fastening Kicks


If you need the perfect style of men’s sneakers to wear with your favourite pair of socks, then the touch-fastening kicks are the choice for you. These men’s sneakers are super easy to wear and give you the ultimate level of support for your day-to-day life. 


Touch-fastening men’s sneakers are perfect to wear for a casual day in the park with family and friends or if you are spending some time at home to work on the house chores. These are perfect for your laidback looks so you can enjoy your chilled day with ease. 


These kicks pair perfectly with a fun and fresh socks combination. You can rock a pair of bright coloured socks or a set of odd socks with these shoes. 


Odd socks are becoming more of a trend, and you will not have to worry about compromising your style with this look. You will have the ultimate shoe and socks combination, which means compliments will be coming in left, right and centre. 


Combo #5 – Slip-On Men’s Sneakers


Do you need a pair of men’s sneakers that will take you through the week with comfort and ease? If you are nodding yes, then keep on reading. 


A set of slip-on men’s sneakers may be the shoe you need. These kicks offer plenty of support, breathability, and security for your pair of kicks, which is what every guy needs in his life.  All you have to do is slide your foot into the shoes, and when you finish wearing them for the day, you can easily slip right out. These kicks also give you plenty of creative space to mix up your look with some funky socks.


Whether it is a pair of big and fluffy socks or a simple set of patterned socks, you know for sure that they will look great with your slip-on men’s sneakers.    


Have you found your new favourite pair of men’s sneakers?


Treat yourself with this new pair of men’s sneakers and watch your shoe collection come to life. These shoes will give a new balance to your collection. With our range of best men’s sneakers to wear with your very own personal sock choice, there is no reason not to buy some new kicks. 


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