Trends for Men's Sneakers That Aren't Going Anywhere

Are you aware of the latest trends in sneakers? If you've wandered into this space looking for answers to that question, you are in for a treat because we can help you. If you've checked your social media lately and noticed more guys posting about their collection of sneakers, then you've found yourself in the sneakerhead community. 


It can get crazy out there as guys are more willing to line up and wait for hours to get their hands on new trend releases. As a result, these shoes have grown in popularity and value, and people pay exorbitant prices. 


But with the collection of sneakers at Olympus, you get the same trends – stylish, comfortable, versatile – without paying so much because they are all affordable. running shoes


To help you choose the perfect pair of sneakers, the Olympus team will give you a rundown of the latest and trending pairs that aren't going anywhere. Read on to discover which will help you kickstart your collection and be part of the sneakerhead community. 


To start, these shoes at Olympus come in five easy-to-match colours: black, brown, grey, natural, and white.


 Style 1 - Skate


The flat soles and large tongue of this footwear are the reasons for the rising popularity of men's skate shoes. The target market for this type expanded beyond the initial niche of skaters to include anyone attracted to these shoes' intriguing aesthetic. As a result, more males are becoming hooked on these footwear and incorporating them into their wardrobes. 


What do you think is making these shoes a trend? Examining their features will help us understand why practically everyone is going crazy in their quest to obtain a pair of these shoes.


Did you notice the thick, flat soles of these sneakers?


The design's goal is to make it simpler for the footwear's original audience, the skaters, to feel the board beneath them. The distinctive feature of these shoes is their large tongue, which protects skaters from harm while they perform tricks. So why not wear skate shoes with shorts and pants?


This combo will look great on you!


Style 2 - The Minimalist White Shoes (Compare With Adidas Men's Sneakers)


Men'ssneakers in white are trending because they provide a clean and modern appeal to any look. Clashing will never be a reason to worry because they look good with almost every outfit in your wardrobe. Moreover, guys can wear them anywhere, from a casual long drive to a formal event.


People wear these shoes with suits on their wedding day! We suggest investing in this pair if you must choose only one from all the trends available. An outfit option for sneakers in white is to pair them with chinos and a nice shirt.


We want to share ways to maintain the footwear's cleanliness because they will only look good if they are clean and worn. First, protect them from the onset. Look for shields that you can spray on and that create an invisible barrier against liquids, stains, and dirt as soon as you take them out of the box.


Store them properly. If left alone, they can be ideal prey for floating microscopic dust and grime. Moreover, please only leave them in direct sunlight to prevent yellow-white rubber soles.


Clean the laces separately. The trick to keeping your men's white footwear looking new is to always have clean laces. You can handwash them, put them in the washer, or replace them with new ones. 


We have available laces on Olympus' accessories page.


Style 3 – Hiking Shoes 


When you browse the trendy collection at Olympus, you will notice a sports-specific pair of hiking shoes. Australians love a good hike, which is why this shoe trend will not go anywhere. Are you a hiking enthusiast too? 


Whether you already are or you're just starting, you need to protect your feet from this gruelling activity. Proper foot support is essential, given the physical demands of hiking. In addition, Australia is teeming with hiking groups, making frequent scheduled hikes likely. 


We suggest you try them if you haven't and wear these sneakers for protection. You get to protect your health and your feet at the same time! Bad things can happen if you don't wear the right shoes, especially to your ankle and knee joints.

Please do not risk it!


Style 4 – Slip-On


Another type of men's sneaker that is not going anywhere is the slip-on. They are well-liked because they are so easy to wear—you just slip them on and off. In addition, this lace-free footwear is available in colours you can match easily. 


You can't ask for anything more when your trendy footwear can match anything. Although the bulk of available men's slip-ons look more casual, Olympus does have a few dressier pairs you can consider. You can choose from the sizes available at Olympus: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.


Our handy Olympus size guide can help you determine your shoe size by comparing it with the UK, US, and EU measurements. Knowing the size of your shoes in one of these systems will make it simpler to select your Olympus size. Remember that foot size varies depending on the brand, so get your Olympus size right.


Prolonging the Life of Your Trendy Pair of Shoes, Including Favourite Brands


Start your sneaker wardrobe by keeping them clean and ensuring they last as long as possible. We bet you want to get your money's worth and use your shoes longer than average. This advice applies to Adidas Originals, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, New Balance, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma, Vans, Converse, Reebok, and any other sneaker brands you frequently shop for and collect.


Here are some quick actions you should take now and then.

  • For light cleaning, use soft towels and warm water.
  • Avoid soaking them in water.
  • Allow your shoe to dry naturally.
  • Keep your sneakers in a dry location.
  • Rinse the laces thoroughly after washing them in soapy water. Then, hang them to dry.
  • To clean the insoles, use a brush and warm, soapy water. 


Treat yourself to a pair now


This men's sneaker trend will not go anywhere and will remain stylish, comfortable, versatile, and affordable. Stay caught up. Do you need more convincing? 


Our sneakers are vegan-friendly, and the production did not use animal products. As a result, vegan-friendly shoes do not pollute or leave a significant carbon imprint. 


So treat yourself to a pair at the right price by heading to an Olympus stockist near you or visiting our website. Fill your cart with items from your wishlist!