Tips on Keeping Your Men’s Slippers Fresh and Odour Free

We simply cannot avoid one thing when it comes to wearing mens shoes: the occasional foul smell. Mens shoes that begin to smell bad result from one thing and one thing only – sweat!


Our feet sweat when we wear shoes like house shoes, so we cannot avoid them. It is even more prevalent when wearing mens classic extra wide slippers because the inner material keeps your feet feeling warm and soft. The constant warmth and friction that your feet feel provoke your feet to sweat, leaving your men’s slippers with the residue. This residue can build up over time in your mens classic slippers and therefore cause them to smell.


The smell in your extra wide men’s slides slippers can be highly unpleasant, so we have got some tips for you to help you stay on top of the hygiene in your men’s slippers. Although the sweating may not be avoidable, at least the smelly odour of your classic mens shoes can. So check out our tips below for preventing smelly classic mens shoes!


Keep your feet secured with a pair of socks!


Now, this may feel super obvious, but wearing a pair of socks with your men’s slides slippers might be the blessing you need.


Wearing socks add an extra layer of protection against sweat, which is the cause of odour in your men’s slippers. However, socks can still become quite sweaty when wearing them, especially in your fluffy and warm men’s slides slippers.


However, it is an easy and helpful tip to keep your men’s slides slippers fresh and odour free. If you find that your slippers remain with quite a moist residue from your socks, then it is best to either keep a change of socks on hand or wash your feet regularly throughout the day.


These two options may be challenging to keep up with, but if you have the time, it's all worth it to prevent smelly men’s slippers. Changing your socks regularly throughout the day can help to avoid smelly house shoe.


This process is great if you feel that your feet are sweating quite a lot during the day. For example, if you are enjoying a relaxing day at home but still find that your feet are sweating in your mens classic slippers, try to wash your feet a couple of times during the day as well.


This job can assist with odour prevention, as well as keeping your feet and slippers super hygienic!


Deodorise your men’s slippers!


After reading that title, you may be wondering, 'why would I want to put deodorant in my slippers?’. But forget about the confusion and listen in to what we are about to say (it will be mind-blowing, dude!). 


One hot tip that you will find super helpful is to spray the inside of your mens shoes with deodorant. Then, for double protection against smelly mens classic slippers, spray your feet with some deodorant too. This tip will ensure your men’s slippers are fresh and odour free for as long as possible.


It feels somewhat weird spraying your extra wide mens classic slippers with deodorant, mainly because it is usually associated with underarm sweat and not sweaty feet. It is a simple trick that not many tend to think of doing, but there is no going back after you do it once.


If you feel like spraying your feet and men’s house shoes with deodorant are just too weird to handle, we have other easy tips to help you out!


Firstly, utilising baking soda will be your new best mate. Baking soda works similarly to deodorant, so all you must do is sprinkle a generous amount into your extra wide mens classic slippers and let it sit overnight.


In the morning, empty the mens shoes and find there is little to no smelly odour anymore. For any tea advocates out there, this alternative tip will have you baffled. Using black tea bags as a deodoriser can kill the bacteria that live within the mens shoes.


All you need to do is soak the tea bag in boiling water for two to three minutes. Once the time is up, remove the tea bag and let it cool down before playing it in your extra wide men’s slides slippers for about an hour.


Keep in mind, this is more of a messy tip on keeping the bad smell out, but it can be effective! So whatever you decide, these deodorising tips will have you feeling superb (and your feet smelling great too!)


Hellooo, washing machines and soapy buckets!


The washing machine is the ultimate go-to when trying to clean and freshen up your men’s slippers. It is a simple technique that does the job without any hassle or fuss. As a result, your men’s slides slippers will be squeaky clean at the press of a button!


For a more hands-on approach, take your shot at cleaning your extra wide mens classic slippers with a bucket of soapy water. Soaking your shoes in this soapy solution will rid any odour and bacteria. For this process to work well, make sure you let your mens footwear dry in the sunshine for as long as possible.


This process is because UV rays are super effective when it comes to killing bacteria. A unique, DIY hack that could have your extra wide men’s slides slippers smelling as good as new is to place any leftover citrus peels inside your men’s slippers like a scuff slipper, slip on slipper, slipper boots and leather slippers.


The peels contain natural oils that can help kill bacteria, so put a couple of rinds into your mens shoes can start the cleaning process. Leave the peels in overnight and take them out in the morning. Your men’s slides slippers should be odour free at this point, but if not, there are plenty of other cleaning tips you can try out.


If you are unsure of these methods working or worried they might ruin your mens classic slippers, do not fear, as we are here to help. We have some tips and tricks on cleaning your men’s slides slippers when it comes to washing them with soap and water or in the washing machine.


The type of material that the slippers are from can determine the style of wash you have to conduct. The best way to clean your mens classic slippers if they are made with faux fur like sheepskin wool slippers is to handwash them.


Remember that soapy bucket of water we mentioned? Well, that is the best method to use for this type of material! If you own a great pair of sheepskin wool slippers, then your best bet is to take a small amount of shampoo on a damp cloth and rub it all over the house shoe. Then, leave them to dry in a warm spot under the sun to ensure all bacteria are gone.


By this point, your mens footwear is all cleaned up, ready to be worn again without any smelly odours!


Feeling fresh and clean!


Ready to give your men's slippers the ultimate cleanse? Our tips on keeping your mens shoes fresh and clean will have you good to go in no time!   


Nothing but fresh scents coming from those extra wide mens shoes of yours! We have different shoe sizes to choose from on our size guide. If you need a new pair of men’s slippers because your current ones are beyond repair, head on to Olympus Shoes to check out slippers online of our range!