Tips for Rejuvenating Your Boy's Dirty School Shoes

When it comes to kids shoes, there will always be an instance of some wear and tear. This situation is something that is inevitable and can be disruptive to your daily routine. The usual case of wear and tear often occurs in active kids shoes.


Your son would generally do a lot throughout the day, whether that be study, party shoes or play. So, we have conjured up some tips and tricks on how to rejuvenate your boy's school shoes. From cleaning to comfort, your boy’s school shoes will be back to looking in tip-top shape in no time!


So, feel free to take a read below on some of our trusty tips to rejuvenate your boy’s school shoes.


Stock Up On Polish!


If your boy’s school shoes require a face-lift, but everything else is still intact, then all you need to invest in is some shoe polish. Polish is a great tool to use for lace-up or self-fastening straps active kids shoes as the front of the casual shoes always wear down the quickest.


Unfortunately, that is also the part that is visible the most, so everyone will be quick to notice when they start to get dirty. Our favourite method of cleaning your boy’s school shoes is by using some instant shine.


This product is suitable for all colours and styles, offering a quick and effortless tidy up so your boy's school shoes will be back to perfect in no time.


It is important to note, your son may like the messy look of his casual shoes, but we all know that clean boy's school shoes are the best way to go. If your son owns leather kids shoes, we suggest investing in some cleaning products like Dubbin.


This product is made specifically for material made from leather, providing waterproof qualities, and softening the leather. Dubbin is a great formula when you need to clean, nourish, and seal the leather on your boy’s school shoes.


Not only does this product work wonders for boy’s school shoes, but it is also effective when used on work boots, ankle boots, work shoes, party shoes,  formal dress shoes, and a range of other leather products.


Invest Some Time Into A Monthly Wash!


If you find that the polish and leather cleaner is not doing the trick for your dirty boy's school shoes, Ite time into running them through the wash. For athletic and active kids, it is expected that their school shoes will get super dirty very quickly for athletic and active kids!


Do not fear because our tips and tricks are here to save the day. As suggested, running the pair of dirty kids shoes through the washing machine will be a lifesaver and time saver.


Just throw them into the washing machine as you would with a load of clothes for athletic and active kids. Next, submerge and voila, new kids shoes are ready to go. The soles and outer layers should be squeaky clean, and the inside of the casual shoes.


If there is some reason the pair of dirty boy’s school shoes are still looking a little drab after a wash, or you would prefer not to run them through the washing machine where your clothes can get placed, it would then be best to utilise the hand-wash method.


This method is quite simple to tackle, with only a few materials required to clean your dirty boy's school shoes. Firstly, fill a washbasin or bucket with warm water. Next, submerge the casual shoes into the water and grab a soapy cloth to give the boy's school shoes a quick rub down.


If there is excess dirt that is hard to reach, grab a stiff bristle brush to scrub the excess dirt off the kids shoes, including the soles as well.


Once you finish this process, give the casual shoes a rinse to ensure no soap residue can get found, then lay the pair out to dry on a clean towel and stuff them with scrunched up newspaper or paper towels so they hold their shape. After making your way through all these steps, your boy's school shoes will be looking better than ever. It will feel like a new pair of kicks but without breaking the bank – score!


New Socks And Laces… Check!


A quick and easy method to rejuvenate your boy's school shoes is to invest in some spare laces and socks. Comfort is a must when it comes to reviving your kid's pair of boy’s school shoes, so owning plenty of backup socks and laces will be a blessing.


Our range of laces includes round, flat and specific ankle boots laces, so no matter what style of boy’s school shoes your son owns, we have a selection of laces to suit.


Laces are a vital element to obtaining the best kids shoes because if the laces are loose, worn out or dirty, it can impact the comfort and feel of the pair. Getting clean, active kids shoes can be achieved just by rotating the laces when need be. Like replenishing the laces, it is also known to invest in a healthy range of socks. Socks provide the ultimate comfort to your boy’s school shoes and can assist with the longevity of casual shoes.


Ankle cut or high socks are suitable either way, but your son will get stoked to know you have got plenty of socks stored away for a rainy (or, should we say, dirty) day. This method is an easy way to rejuvenate your boy’s school shoes quickly.


For Athletic And Active Kids, You Need Some Comfy Support To Your Boy’s School Shoes


In some instances, boy’s school shoes can become dirty or worn out on the inside rather than the outside. When this situation arises, it can feel like there is not much else to save the casual shoes.


However, we have the perfect solution. Our gel innersoles provide the best level of extra support and comfort for your active kids feet. The innersoles are an effective measure to use when the material on the inside of your boy’s school shoes is wearing down and needs some extra tender love and care.


Innersoles can help soothe discomfort, absorb shock and help to reduce stress on joints. Perfect for athletic and active kids.  


Ready To Bring Your Boy's School Shoes Back To Life?


If you have found yourself in a situation where your son’s kids shoes are way too dirty to handle, give some of our tips and tricks a try. We also have size guides that will for sure help you select kids shoes!


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