These Men's Sneakers Are Hot Right Now

Gone are the days when shoe obsession was stereotypically reserved for women. The modern shoe collector is probably male and prefers to purchase men's sneakers. As fashion trends evolve into more casual styles, people change their habits, and guys are expanding their shoe collections to include them.


Guys love collecting things, from the merchandise of their favourite TV shows to sports icons. And men's sneakers are just a little behind. Social media content focusing on guys sharing their growing collection or how they are the first to own a rare and hard-to-find pair of shoes is on the rise.


Are you like them? Do you currently have, or do you intend to start, a collection of men's sneakers? The Olympus crew is on alert and monitoring the most recent developments as demand for these shoes soars.


That's right; at Olympus, the iconic has a wide range of running shoes from your favourite fitness brands, including limited edition collections and collaborations; if you're after a comfortable yet classic choice for the office, opt for the leather, Of course, guys lace-up design. Likewise, Adidas men's sneakers, Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, New Balance, Adidas Originals, Nike, Puma, Converse, Vans, etc., are all favourite brands of shoes that are very popular in any country.


At Olympus, our men's sneakers offer you a stylish edge. Our men's sneakers are made for creators and offer leather, synthetic uppers, and textile upper sneakers like other Adidas brands – classic and trendy sports styles for the street and field. With sneaker collections like Sport Inspired, Originals, and Performance, our collection of men's sneakers has something for everyone.


Our white sneakers are designed to meet the challenges of sporting activities, complete a casual look, protect your feet, and offer absolute comfort so you can enjoy every moment. So we can understand why men's sneakers are hot right now. They are stylish, in season, pleasing, and versatile. Olympus has all the gorgeous pairs of shoes you need.


We have gathered our most popular styles to make it easier for you to decide. But, of course, guys already know that stylish shoes don't have to be painful. All they need to do is make you feel unique.

Thankfully, our collection at Olympus makes you feel that way.


Style 1 - Hiking


One of the fundamental qualities of men's sneakers is versatility. As intelligent consumers, guys want to acquire fashionable shoes that serve a purpose. These men's sneakers are just for some guys who love hiking.


Do you live an active lifestyle? Is trekking your way to achieve your daily goal of 10,000 steps? These shoes are ideal for trekking since they offer the right foot cand by their name.


With so many breathtaking hiking trails in and around Australia, it makes sense that men would want to explore them all. Hiking is undoubtedly enjoyable, made even more by comfortable men's sneakers from Olympus. Getting the wrong pair, however, is a recipe for disaster.


Blisters can take all the hiking fun away, and twisted ankles can ruin your plans. Purchase a pair of Olympus men's sneakers to avoid all these troubles. Our hiking shoes will shield your feet from cuts and wounds.


Moreover, they provide traction on muddy, unforgiving, slick, hilly, and damp terrain. Our shoes are practical, lightweight, and fashionable additions to your collection, making your 10,000-step hiking activity simple and secure.


Style 2 - Skate


Despite being the original target market, skateboarders are obsessed with collecting skate shoes. These men's sneakers are for everyone who loves a pair of shoes that offer great support and protection, especially if you wear them with socks. You can check out the different socks available in the Olympus accessories section.


These men's sneakers are becoming more popular among guys as they make their Christmas wish lists. Why do you think? For starters, the materials used to make these men's sneakers are remarkable in their ability to absorb stress and provide additional impact protection for the foot.

In addition, these stylish shoes are a must-have for guys' closets since they offer thick, flat, and soft bottoms that help skaters feel the boards beneath their feet. In addition, these men's sneakers include a large tongue meant to protect your foot while doing skating tricks.


Style 3 - Slip-On


One of our more stylish staples at Olympus is the slip-on men's sneaker. They are popular because they are so simple to wear—you just slip them on and off. These lace-free men's sneakers are available in black, brown, grey, and natural and feature no laces.


What more could you ask if it was simple to use and match? Olympus carries a few slip-on men's sneakers for dressier events, even though most have a more casual appearance. The following sizes are available for Olympus men's sneakers: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.


If you need assistance figuring out your shoe size, please refer to our size chart. Compare Olympus sizes whyes to those of the UK, US, and EU using our size guide to determine yours. It will be easier to choose which will fit you best if you know the size of your men's sneakers in one of these systems!


How to Properly Care for Your Men's Sneakers?


Collecting men's sneakers is not all fun and games. It's like having babies. Part of the responsibility is caring for each pair and ensuring you prolong their lives. So, we at Olympus have gathered simple ways to take care of your men's sneakers.


  1. Use warm water and a soft cloth for light cleaning.
  2. Never soak men's sneakers in water.
  3. Dry your shoes at room temperature.
  4. Store your men's sneakers in a cool, dry place.
  5. For the laces, wash them in soapy water, then rinse well. Finally, hang them up to dry.
  6. When cleaning the insoles, use warm, soapy water and a brush.


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Whether hiking, skating, or slip-on, all our men's sneakers at Olympus are trendy, stylish, and multi-functional. Olympus is a one-stop shop where you can get everything you need. So why choose modern or active only when you can combine both in a pair?


Also, why limit yourself to one pair when you can get three? Do you need more convincing? Our men's sneakers are vegan-friendly.


Our footwear does not use animal products, and vegan-friendly shoes do not pollute or leave a significant carbon imprint. In addition, these materials are more durable.


So, grab a pair by heading to an Olympus retailer or visiting our website. Our flexible payment options, like Afterpay and Zip, make it easier for you to buy your men's sneakers and pay for them later.


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