The Top 5 Men’s Casual Shoes On Trend In 2021

Get on top of the latest trends with men’s casual shoes from Olympus! We’re always updating our range with the newest and greatest looks of the season, so you can count on our designs to keep your wardrobe looking good. 


Today, we want to talk you through five of the hottest  casual shoes, boat shoes, lace up shoes, dress shoes, and slip on shoes available at Olympus right now.


We have designs that can suit any guy’s style, so let’s see how many catch your interest!


Everyone needs a pair of men’s casual shoes for their collection!


They’re lightweight, flexible, and the perfect thing to slip on when you need something simple to wear outside. If you pick up our beach thongs, you’ll have mens footwear that are waterproof and easy to clean.


During the warmer months, thongs are a must-have to wear around the beach or pool, but they’re also fantastic for odd jobs throughout the year— after all, if they get dirty, then all you need to do is spray them with the garden hose (or under a tap) until they’re clean again!


Are you looking for sturdier men’s casual shoes? Our reef-walkers are the best sandals for more challenging conditions. We also have a vast range of stylish slip on shoes, lace up shoes, and  slip on shoes for you to see. When it comes to mens footwear, you’re spoiled for choice with our Hush Puppies-like sandals!


Is it time to update your sneakers?


Trans-seasonal mens footwear like these are an essential pair in every guy’s wardrobe.


Unfortunately, while you get plenty of use out of each pair, that also means that most people tend to wear out their trainers. So at Olympus, we design our lace up sneaker, sport shoes, and other men’s casual shoes for the ultimate durability.


We know that there’s nothing worse than having to replace your favourite pair. But, with our hardy synthetic mens footwear on your feet, you won’t have to worry about that again!


You should only need to buy new lace up sneaker and sport shoes when you see a style you like— not because your pair is getting holes in the soles! 


Men’s casual shoes from the lace up shoes,  mens skechers, sneaker and sport shoes section at Olympus are trendy everyday styles. We offer a range of colours, including black, grey, navy, khaki green, and more.


So, selecting casual shoes and lace up shoes that can suit your aesthetic shouldn’t be a problem. So, make sure that you have a careful look through our collection the next time you’re browsing for lace up sneaker on our online store. You don’t want to miss out on a fantastic pair of casual shoes and lace up shoes!


Enjoy comfort and style with woven leather loafers!


Mens new arrivals woven leather loafers are some of the most popular men’s casual shoes at Olympus.


Do you know how many different designs are available in 2021? Well, there are a lot of mens footwear up for the taking, and we’ll do our best to steer you in the direction of your ideal match!


If you’re looking for a trendier pair of dress shoes or flats that you can dress up or down, then our woven leather loafers are your best bet. These come with woven leather upper material on the sides and the top for a trendy vibe. Would you prefer a pair with lace up shoes, leather upper or something with stretchy elastic gussets?


You have a few different colours to choose from this season, so see which shade you think these mens skechers look alike the best in!


Of course, if you’re struggling to pick a single colour, you could always treat yourself to more than one pair! That way, you will have even more styling options with your favourite casual shoes and mens skechers!


Ankle boots are always an excellent option!


During winter and autumn, these are the go-to mens footwear for most guys. Still, since they look as trendy with shorts as they do with long pants, you’re sure to get your fair share of wear out of our boots.


Men’s casual shoes like these are a fantastic pick for semi-formal events, especially if they get hosted outside.


The high-cut ankles and full coverage will help shield your feet from regular outdoor hazards like sharp rocks, prickles, and things like that, and they’ll also stop you from getting cold or wet during wintery weather.


Do you have an idea of what your ideal mens skechers would look like if you picked a pair of our boots?


Olympus has some excellent pull-on styles with stretchy side gussets that you might like in 2021. Our trendy lace up shoes styles are perfect mens skechers like our dress shoes for parties and dressier events because they resemble our formal styles.


Finally, we also have bold combat boots, which will look great paired with your favourite leather jacket!


Slippers deserve a place on this list too!


These might no be the casual shoes and lace up shoes that you imagined as one of the top styles for 2021, but we know that our customers are getting plenty of use out of fluffy slippers and slip on shoes.


If you’re living in a state or territory that has experience lockdowns or restrictions due to COVID-19, then there’s a high chance that you’ve spent a bit of your year working from home.


We know that slippers are the mens footwear of choice for most guys during a lockdown, even when they’re working in their home office.


After all, if your boss or work colleagues only get to see you through a Zoom meeting or some other video chat, then it doesn’t matter what you’re wearing on your feet because they won’t get to see them!


As long as your camera isn’t pointing at your feet, you can get away with wearing mens footwear and whatever else you want during your at-home workday! Now, do you want to know which styles are an option for you?


Olympus has tall slipper casual boots and classic slip on shoes slippers for you to try in 2021, so the choice is all yours! But, of course, if you get cold feet easily, then we think that slipper boots are your ideal mens Skechers.


So, what will it be?


We hope you enjoyed hearing about five of our most popular casual shoes in 2021. Did any of these designs catch your eye? This season, come and comb through our collection until you find the perfect Olympus pair!