The Men's Lifestyle Shoes You NEED This Season!

Do you need a wardrobe refresh? Are your current kicks wearing away? You will find our men's lifestyle shoes as your new favourites if you nod your head yes. These shoes are a must-have for every guy in Australia because men's lifestyle attire is too good to resist. We have plenty of styles that are sure to tick all the right boxes. 


You will love what a set of these men's lifestyle shoes can do for your next look. However, if you need some assistance with finding the perfect pair of men's lifestyle shoes, do not fear. The team here at Olympus brands shop are here to help. 


You will find that our range of kicks are the perfect set of footwear that you need in your life this season. If you are keen to invest in a new pair, keep reading! 


Style 1 – Boat


Get your hands on this stylish new set of men's lifestyle boat shoes. These are a must-have in every guy's life. These men's lifestyle shoes are super trendy and comfortable to wear. You will love how stylish and versatile these kicks can be. 


Whether it is a formal function or a casual afternoon by the beach, you can trust that your men's lifestyle boat shoes will take you there in style. We recommend pairing these kicks with a pair of chino pants and an oversized t-shirt. This look is perfect for a casual day out. 


If you have a more formal event coming up, why not take your look to the next level by pairing these kicks with a set of denim jeans and a loose-fitted button-up t-shirt. There are plenty of ways to style these men's lifestyle boat shoes, which is why we love wearing these kicks so much more. So forget about Adidas originals, North Face or Nike, and instead, get these kicks.


Try styling our favourite set of ADMIRAL men's lifestyle boat shoes with your next outfit. Watch how quickly these bring in the compliments. 


Style 2 – Woven Loafers


Check out our range of woven loafers! These are the perfect set of men's lifestyle shoes that can get worn with just about every outfit. These are the ultimate pair of kicks to wear to any summer event. You will find that these men's lifestyle shoes offer a breathable outer material with geometric cut-outs all over. 


This unique style is what makes these woven loafers so appealing to males. However, even women would want to wear this footwear. Woven loafers are super popular in the world of fashion and can get worn with just about every look.


We love to style these men's lifestyle shoes with a pair of all-white denim shorts and a loose-fitted button-up shirt. This iconic look is perfect for warm days and balmy nights. 


However, if you feel like keeping things casual, why not style your men's casual shoes with a pair of ¾ chino pants and a tucked-in t-shirt. Then, add a finishing touch with a set of sunglasses on your head. We love how you can style these woven loafers, and we know that you will too, dude! 

So take these as a sign and get these kicks that other brands don't have, like New Balance and Nike Blazer.


Style 3 – Canvas Sneakers


Kick back and relax with our range of canvas sneakers. These are the go-to pair of men's lifestyle shoes that you will want to wear all day long. With just about every outfit, canvas sneakers are super comfortable, versatile, and wearable. But, of course, there is nothing better than the feeling you get in a pair of casual sneakers. 


You will find that these men's lifestyle sneakers will take your next look to the next level. We love how easy to wear these kicks are. You can dress them up or down to suit your style, which means you get the best of both worlds in these men's lifestyle shoes. 


Our range of shoe collections is going to turn your life around. These men's lifestyle shoes come in a huge range of styles and designs. You can find these kicks in a monochrome colour or a multicolour style. Nothing is better than the feeling you get whilst rocking a pair of these men's lifestyle shoes


Discover more of our shoe collection in our online store or physical store! On our website, you can have a quick view by using the filters, sort by categories, colour, size, and price.


Style 4 – Trainers


Do you love to live an active lifestyle? If you are nodding your head yes, you are in the right place. Our range classic of trainers is sure to tick all the right boxes. These are easy pairs of men's lifestyle shoes to wear during every season of the year. The best thing about investing in a set of trainers is that you can get away with wearing them after a workout. 


Since the acceptance of wearing athletic wear as a form of casual clothing, we have adapted to wearing it outside of a workout. So whether it is a brunch date with your partner or a day full of running errands, you can trust your pair of trainers to take you there in comfort and style. 


We can never get enough of these men's lifestyle shoes. These kicks offer a stroke width of a thick and supportive sole with extra padding around the outer material. You will fall in love with a pair of trainers in an instant, dude! 


Style 5 – Sandals and Slides


If you are looking for the ultimate pair of comfortable men's lifestyle shoes, then you might have just found them. Our range of sandals and slides are super wearable, stylish, and supportive on your feet. These are the perfect pair of men's lifestyle shoes that can get worn all day long.


Whether you are spending the day at home or need to run to the shops quickly, you can do it with ease. Sandals and slides are breathable and versatile, which means you will never get tired of wearing them. You will find the excuse to wear a pair of these kicks no matter where you go or what time of day it is. 


You can never have too many pairs of these men's lifestyle shoes, so why not stock up on your favourite set today! 


Changed your mind after purchasing? Olympus is happy to provide a full refund or exchange for change-of-mind purchases. We do not place time frame limitations on free returns where a receipt is provided, and the shoes have not been worn.


Do You Have the Sudden Urge to Invest in a Thousand New Pairs of Men's Lifestyle Shoes?


If you are nodding your head yes, you can trust that the Olympus team can help. Our range of kicks is sure to keep you looking and feeling your very best all day long. So head to the Olympus brand store website today to get your hands on a new set of kicks!