The Coolest White Sneakers in 2021

The end of the year is quickly approaching, and we honestly have no idea where the time has gone!


We thought the best way to celebrate what we have achieved this year is by highlighting the most fantastic white sneaker in 2021. There is a range of so many edgy and unique men’s sneakers that have come into trend this year, but we have nailed down our top three styles.


White sneaker are a must-have this year, and the fact that there are so many unique and trendy styles available, we’re spoiled for choice! Check out our list of top 3 white sneaker trends of 2021 below, and rock them while there’s still time left in the year!


High Tops


One white sneaker trend we have seen plenty of this year is the timeless hightop sneakers. This style of mens footwear has been around since the 1930s, and we don’t think it will be leaving us anytime soon.


High tops have evolved as time has passed, stepping in and out of each era we encounter. The all-white style of men’s sneakers has become an ever-growing trend, and it is opening up a new platform for old designs of mens shoes to make a comeback.


High top sneakers have taken this opportunity, and plenty of guys can now get seen flexing their latest all-white sneaker. But, of course, the hightop sneakers style of men’s sneakers originated from the world of basketball (our b-ball fans will know what’s up!).


High tops were a fashion trend that had no intention of slowing down, with more and more guys jumping on the bandwagon. Although this mens shoes style has been trending in and out of fashion for years, it has remained a timeless, classic sneaker.


The all-white design of hightop sneakers captures the world’s eyes and is now being worn in various circumstances other than basketball. Since taking over the mens footwear trend this year, all-white hightop sneakers have made their way into a home gym, activity trackers, outdoor play, dinners, and special events.


Many guys have found that hightop sneakers offer stability when it comes to strength training at the gym, as well as a sense of high-fashion style when going out for dinner or to special events. Hightop sneakers are making their mark in the mens shoes world, so if you haven’t already, jump on the trend or grab a mate and do it together so you can both represent your latest, all-white kicks.


Low Tops


Low top sneakers are a must-have style of mens footwear this year. This type of shoe is one to never go out of fashion and, we see a multitude of different designs, patterns and colours make their way into the fashion world.


It is hard to find the perfect mens footwear for you when there is so many to choose from, but lucky you for you, all-white men’s sneakers are hot property! The all-white trend of men’s low top sneakers has become a statement piece with just about every guy’s get-up.


They are versatile and make for a great classic sneaker style to wear all day and night. Not only are they versatile, but the low top all-white sneaker is also super lightweight and responsive.


Whether you’re playing a 1vs1 game of basketball, on sports watches or taking your dogs for a walk, our athletic shoes, the low mens top sneakers will provide a great range of mobility and bounce for when you need it most (aka chasing after your runaway dogs!).


Men’s low top sneakers are also great with flexibility when it comes to material and foot movement. Seeing as low top sneakers are much smaller mens shoes when compared to hightop sneakers, it makes it easier for the material to move with your foot without any restrictions.


This style of mens footwear is for guys who find themselves much more active because it offers so much movement than other mens shoes.


For the days where you’re relaxing, doing odd jobs around the house, or just enjoying a family day, the all-white low mens top sneakers are also a great choice. They are simple mens footwear to wear throughout the day, offering plenty of comfort and ease.


They’re easy to slip like classic slipon shoes into when you’re in a rush as well, so you won’t have to miss out on that awaited coffee run! All-white low, low mens top sneakers are a shoe worth investing in because they will elevate your everyday look and give you that comfort you require.


The Chunky Sneaker


This mens footwear trend will have you weak at the knees for the more fashion-focused guys out there. The chunky style of mens footwear has moved into the fashion world, and we are all here for it.


The chunky look is a shoe you would wear as a statement piece with your next outfit, rather than for any amount of physical activities or outdoor play. The chunky all-white sneaker look is on fire this year, where a whole heap of guys are showing off their latest kicks and running shoe via every social media outlet. We’re obsessed!


To style your chunky mens shoes accordingly, ensure that your outfit is not the focal point and that your classic sneaker is. This sneaker ensures your men’s sneakers are the statement piece of your look and is the missing piece to tie any outfit together.


All-white chunky men’s sneakers pair best with dark coloured mens accessories and clothing items. These sneakers offer an eye-capturing contrast of dark and light which can accentuate your favourite features. We have seen plenty of guys decked out in all-black outfits, mens accessories and then paired with chunky white canvas sneaker.


This styling technique can work with any bold colours, crossed with a denim jacket over the top, mens accessories,  and, of course, the white chunky mens shoes. Up high, man!  


Don’t miss out on the trend!


Make the most of this super cool men’s sneaker trend for the remainder of 2021. We have a wide variety of shoe care sizes that you can find on our size guides. Flex your all-white sneaker all day and night with our top three picks.


Whether it’s hightop sneakers, low mens tops or chunky shoes, there is an all-white men’s sneaker trend worth jumping on board with this year!