The Best Working From Home Men’s Slippers

Have you found yourself in a position of working from home? Well, the team behind Olympus is here to guide you through this experience. Working from home has proven to work wonders for many companies and improves the work-life balance of employees.


Working from home allows you to walk around your house freely without dressing up in a suit and tie. You can easily wake up, hop out of bed, and start your working day – cool, right?! 


Even if working from home allows you to rock your best pyjamas, a pair of comfortable slippers mens will make your day ten times better. No guy enjoys walking around in regular flip flop will give you cold feet, and it can become quite a distraction during your working hours.


That is why we have gathered a selection of the best working from home men’s classic slipon lined slipper that you could soon wear.


A pair of leather moccasins are the ultimate work-from-home style, and they will ensure you are comfortable all day long. From the laptop to the kitchen, these men’s slipon slipper styles will have you obsessed with comfortable shoes!


Take a read below to find out more.


1.   Slip-on Men’s Slippers


The name is a little confusing, right? But we have the design features and tools to explain to you what slip-on men’s slippers are. These shoes are the comfiest of them all, with ease of wear and a beautifully soft interior.


We already know you will not want to take these casual slip slippers off at the end of your working day. Men’s slippers in the slip-on style are perfect for working from home and you need a comfortable pair of leather slippers to bring some sense of normalcy back into your daily routine.


These shoes allow you to jump out of bed in the morning and slide straight into these comfy classic mens slippers.


The best thing about these rubber outsole shoes is that no one else will know you are wearing them (except for your food delivery driver, of course). Work from home in comfort and style so you can stay motivated and on-task throughout the day.


2.   Open-toed Men’s Slippers


Say hello to the perfect combination of slides and mens leather slippers with the open-toed design. This style of men’s padded insoles slippers turns your look up a notch. The open-toed feature allows you more versatility and breathability, which is a must-have for a busy day working from home.


These men’s slip on shoes are easy to wear around the house or in the backyard. Be careful when you wear these shoes on sunny days; you do not want to score yourself an awkward tan line on your toes!


The open-toed feature allows plenty of air to flow through the slipon design of your slippers, which is perfect for the warmer months. These mens slippers Australia can come on and off with ease so that you can change into your workout kicks straight after work in an instant.


The open-toed men’s casual shoes can get paired with a nice set of fluffy socks if you decide to wear these indoor outdoor shoes during the cooler months as well. They are the perfect pair of men’s casual shoes all year round, and you will find it very hard to be without them on your days off!


3.   Ankle-high Men’s Slippers


Do you find that your ankles are still cold when wearing wide fit shoes whilst working from home?


We know the feeling can be annoying and can distract you from a hard day at work. So, to help you out, we have found the perfect solution for you - ankle-high men’s slippers. These are like mens classic short boots and offer a level of warmth and comfort around the ankles, so you will not have to worry about being too cold at your home office desk anymore.


Ankle-high men’s slippers provide plenty of comfort and support for your feet throughout the day. These ugg slippers is a must-have during your working from the home period.


4.   Mid-calf Men’s Slippers


If you love the warm and cosy feeling that a pair of scuff slipper can provide, then you will love a pair with the mid-calf design. This style of mens footwear can offer you the best level of protection due to the covering around the calf.


With these soft leather upper on your feet, you will feel super cozy with sweat tops, so much that it will not even feel like a working day.


This mens shoes design is very sturdy as there is a solid base on the shoe, so you can wear these shoes outside, across the dirt, or in the rain if you happen to come across these circumstances. These are a super trendy style of men’s slippers with upper leather lining so that you can find multiple purposes for these shoes.


Whether it is a quick run to McDonald’s with the boys, outdoor play or a movie night at home with the family, a pair of mid-calf men’s slippers with rubber sole will have you sorted.


How To Keep House Shoe Clean


The most important part of owning a pair of leather-lined slippers is to ensure they are maintained and regularly cleaned. Due to the inside of these sandal slides being a dense and fluffy fleece lining material, it gives them the chance to hold on to excess moisture.


This moisture build-up can promote bad odour and speed up your soft leather shoes’ wear and tear process. To avoid these things from occurring, it is best to give your sheepskin wool slippers a regular clean.


One method to clean your Australian sheepskin shoes is by running them through the washing machine or soaking them in a bucket of warm soapy water. This method removes any dirt from the fabric upper shoes and eliminates the build-up of moisture and odour that may linger.


If the material of your suede classic slippers is not suitable to run through a wash, then there are a few alternative ways that you can clean them. One method that works like a treat is to sprinkle some baking soda inside your lined leather slippers and then let it soak into the shoes overnight.


In the morning, tip out the excess powder and see the difference in the scent of your moccasin slipper. They will be odour-free and ready to get worn again and again.


Feel free to spray your feet with some deodorant before wearing them to avoid any different odour and sweat inside the memory foam of your shoes. This mens grooming tip will ensure your mens moccasin slippers do not build up with excess moisture and cause them to smell.   


It is a quick fix to ensure your mens classic slippers are super clean all day, every day.   


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If our selection of the perfect range of working from home men’s slippers has caught your eye, then head over to the Olympus website and check out our size guide before you purchase what we have got. We promise you; we will not disappoint!