The Best Trends to Wear Your Sneakers With

When shopping for a new pair of shoes, you can find it to get somewhat difficult at times. This issue is especially so when shopping for a new pair of kicks that need to get styled with a current fashion trend. These are super challenging to shop for, but that is why the team at Olympus is here to help you out. 


We know the latest trends that every guy is trying to rock, so we will know the perfect pair of shoes to match them. Our current favourites are men's sneakers, and we have all of the right styles for you to choose from. If you are keen to get your hands on a new pair of men's sneakers, then keep on reading. 


Trend 1 – Skater Look


Do you love to spend your spare time at the skate park? If yes, then we have got the perfect pair of men's sneakers for you. Get updated with the latest trends and spend some time shopping for your latest looks. A set of men's sneakers will ensure that you meet the criteria of the ultimate skater look. 


You will find that canvas men's sneakers are perfect for your daily grind at the skatepark. Also good to use as running shoes. These men's sneakers feature a flat base with a lace-up design and multiple colourways across the shoe. The options are endless when it comes to wearing a pair of these kicks. 


You can achieve the ultimate skater look by finding the perfect pair of men's sneakers. The canvas shoes will ensure that you are comfortable and supported whilst skateboarding. This tip will give you enough space and freedom to express your fashion sense. 


Trend 2 – Activewear


Now, many guys might think that the activewear and athleisure wear trend is for women only. Many females have indeed started a new trend, where you can wear your activewear not only to the gym but out for lunch too. 


This trend is slowly making its way into the fashion world for males, which is exciting for everyone. You will find that a pair of men's sneakers ties perfectly into this fashion trend. Males can flex their gym shorts and t-shirts from morning until night whilst wearing a pair of men's sneakers. 


You can guarantee that a range of compliments will be coming your way. Our favourite pairs of men's sneakers to wear with this trend include trainers and canvas sneakers. Both options are the perfect pair to style with your activewear. So take this opportunity and enjoy it for as long as possible. 


You will feel super comfortable walking around in your favourite pair of men's sneakers and casual activewear. So, what are you waiting for? Take this as a sign to purchase new men's sneakers from your favourite store to add a new balance to your wardrobe. Replace your tommy hilfiger kicks, converse, and nike with these new kicks.


Trend 3 – Casual Day-to-Day Attire


The fashion trend that has every male stocking up for is the casual day-to-day attire. This trend is a classic and will never leave the fashion scene. Casual clothes for your daily activities is what every guy enjoys wearing. This trend allows you to feel comfortable, free and on-trend with minimal effort. 


A pair of men's sneakers is what ties this look together. The best thing about this fashion trend is that men's sneakers can range from slip-on kicks to work-style boots. The choice is completely up to you. You will find that any pair of men's sneakers is bound to look great with this trend. 


Add something more to your casual day-to-day attire by incorporating a belt, hat, or sunglasses into your look. This tip will give your outfit a boost that you did not know you needed. 


Trend 4 – Formal 


A trend that is another type of classic is the formal wear look. This trend targets those guys who love to look their very best, whether it is just another Friday or if they have a special event. The formal trend would traditionally only include a range of dress shoes; however, it has become more acceptable to wear a pair of men's sneakers to formal events. 


You can find that guys will rock a pair of canvas men's sneakers with their suit and tie. This type of trend is gaining popularity by the minute. Comfort is becoming more of a priority over style, and we are here for it! Men's canvas sneakers are the perfect choice for you, especially if you want to feel comfortable all day long. 


The style of men's sneakers paired with formal attire tends to come in a monochrome colour. This tip ensures that your shoes do not clash with the colours of your formal outfit. This trend is a super cool one to jump on board with, dude!


Trend 5 – Sporting Activities


One trend that is taking centre stage is the sportswear fashion for sporting activities. This type of look is what every guy loves to wear if they are a big sports fan. Whether it is soccer, football, or basketball, you can be sure to see a whole heap of sporting attire when you are out and about. 


A pair of men's sneakers will be sure to look great with this fashion trend. We recommend investing in high-top men's sneakers to style with your latest sportswear. This look is perfect for basketball fanatics alike! If soccer and football is more your thing, then a pair of soccer boots will take your sportswear look to the next level.   


Sportswear is often described as a casual clothing trend, so you will find that this look is perfect to wear daily with your new men's sneakers. 


Get Ready to Level Up With Your New Pair of Men's Sneakers! 


With all of the latest fashion trends making their way into the male fashion scene, it can be hard to decipher which fashion trend is the right fit for you. One way to narrow down your options is to focus on the men's sneakers that stand out to you. If you find a pair of kicks that tickle your fancy, then it would be rude not to invest in them.


So take a step towards a trendy, stylish and fun wardrobe. One of your favourite brands stores, Olympus, has every style of men's sneakers that you could dream of, so check out our latest range on the website today! A new sign-ups account has lots of benefits like brand sale discount and low prices items. So go ahead and add our items to your cart. Continue shopping with us!