The best shoes for work

The name of the game is work shoes. What is the perfect pair? Whether you’re a new face in the workforce or you’re a regular, the type of shoes you wear to work is an important decision. Are you the sort of person who spends all day on their feet, or at a desk? No matter the kind of job you have, what you wear matters. So here’s a look at our latest work-ready range to try and help you along.

Ladies shoes

Let’s start with office workers. Specifically, the ladies. When it comes to women in an office setting, the perfect pair of ladies work shoes for you depends on the answer to a straightforward question: Heels, or flats? Some women can spend all day every day in their favourite heels. If this sounds like you, your perfect work shoe might be the appropriately named Office. It is a classic pump with a medium-high heel, simple but elegant, and with a rounded toe. Black is standard and can match any outfit, but there is also the option of going for a natural tone.

If you’re a woman who downright dreads the idea of wearing heels from 9 to 5, we also have some stylish slip-on shoes. Besides— who said heels are the only good formal wear? Ascot is modern and trendy; a loafer-style mule with a metallic trim thrown in to add a little flair. It’s comfortable, easy to slide on when you’re in a rush, and fit for both work and casual settings. But if you aren’t dazzled by any of that, you could always sneak a peek at our boots (which range from block heels to flat!) and at the still essential ballet flats.

Men’s shoes

Now, we mustn’t neglect our gentlemen. Thankfully, the average office-ready Mens footwear in this department is an easy fix. Ideally, a man’s work shoe should be classy, sleek, and wearable at both work and formal events. And, when it comes to formal footwear, the Bradford is a classic. It’s made smooth and shiny with black leather, has simple laces, and a rounded toe. If you close your eyes and try to picture a sharply-dressed man in a suit, these are probably the sort of thing you imagine that he has on his feet. For a similar lace-up style but in the ever stylish cognac colour, you ought to try Kingston. It’s just as suave as the Dempsey but provides little variation from the average black work shoe if that’s what you’re after. Then again, if laces aren’t your style, the slip-on Barclay is yet another option for our working men.

But let us not forget the men out of the office! Your new best friend is probably going to be some steel cap work boot. They’re built to endure, and ready for some hard work. If this sounds like your kind of shoe, then we’ve got just the right ones in mind. Farmer is an adjustable lace-up boot, with a rubber outsole that gives it slip-resistant grip. These heavy-duty boots were made to fit workers of every size and can cater to some more significant customers. For men after a slip-on boot, the Gamble is another winner.

Man or woman, office or no, our work shoes are ready to tough it through the best and worst of your day. With us, it’s the look for less. Spend-less Shoes has your perfect pair of work shoes.