Sneakers Perfect for Your Euro Summer!

Are you planning to escape Australia's freezing winter season by heading off to Europe to bask under the sun during its summer?


While we're green with envy, we'd like to help make packing for the trip easier. You're probably staring at your closet, wondering which clothes and shoes to take. The best way to figure out which men's sneakers to bring with you is to plan your itinerary.


Are you clubbing in Ibiza, walking around Paris, or hiking in the Swiss Alps?


Olympus got your back if you're doing one or all of these! The brand's collection of sneakers has styles ideal for your perfect Euro summer. 


With the help of the team from Olympus, let's walk through, pun intended, the various men's sneaks deserving of a spot in your luggage. Let's go!


Olympus Men's Sneakers


When you visit the Olympus website and check the sneakers page, you'll notice filters on the left-hand side of the screen. 


These filters make browsing and choosing your style quicker. You can check out the colours available for men's sneaks, such as black, brown, grey, natural, and white.


You won't have a problem when your size is 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, or 13. If you are a half size, we recommend sizing up for your men's sneaks.


We understand the need for footwear within your budget, especially if you're saving money for that much-awaited Euro trip. You will be satisfied with the price range of Olympus. 


You can get a pair of men's sneaks for $0–$20, $20–$30, $30–$40, and $40–$50.


Most wise shoppers browse the online catalogue before heading to the store to see it live. Others are fine shopping for men's sneakers online because they get additional discount vouchers and coupons. 


More importantly, Olympus has flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase now and pay in instalments later.


Slip-On for Dancing and Clubbing


If you're into the party scene and will check out the nightlife in Ibiza and other hopping cities in Europe, we recommend getting slip-on men's sneaks. 


Some slip-ons can pass off as your typical formal shoes, depending on the material. But these men's sneaks are better because they are lightweight and comfortable.


You can spend the whole night partying without worrying about your feet suffering. Who wants to spend the rest of their vacation in pain anyway?


If you're looking for the best slip-on men's sneaks for the task, please check out Cedric at Olympus. These slip-on canvas men's sneaks are scene-stealers on the dance floor. 


Cedric is lightweight and has a thin, comfortable sole and a rounded toe design. A unique patch detailing on the outer material with a subtle shiny finish adds a modern look. 


Two small, elasticised side gussets on the shoe's opening expand to accommodate any foot shape for maximum comfort.


A styling suggestion for a night at the club involves slip-on men's sneaks, fashionable jeans, and a nice button-down or collared shirt.


White Lace-up for a Walking Tour


A huge part of a vacation is walking around to explore the sights. And if Paris is your destination, expect to walk more than 10,000 steps to see every nook and cranny of the City of Love. 


Wearing white lace-up men's sneaks is the best way to check out Paris. 


Who doesn't own a pair of white shoes in this day and age?


These men's sneaks are the most popular style, with children and adults all jumping on the trend. Taking these shoes around Paris will make for the best photos and experience.


You wouldn't last walking on cobblestones the entire day if you were not wearing comfortable men's sneaks. With laces, you can adjust the fit of your shoes—loosen or tighten them as necessary. 


Travellers love wearing white men's sneaks when they go away because they do not have to pack different kinds of shoes to match all their clothes. 


With limited luggage space and weight, having one pair of shoes appropriate for several activities and looking good with most outfits is the best hack.


Achieve a no-fuss look with white men's sneaks, blue denim jeans, and a black round-neck shirt. Complete the look with shades or a hat. If the weather is scorching hot, wear shorts instead. Remember to wear invisible socks to stay comfortable. 


Hiking for the Alps


What better way to explore Switzerland than by hiking through the Swiss Alps?


The first thing that must go into your luggage if you join a guided hiking tour is hiking shoes. These men's sneaks are specific for the sport because you're exposing your feet to strenuous activity. 


Unfamiliar terrains pose risks, which these men's sneaks can address. Steep inclines, cold weather, and wet surfaces can strain your feet, so you need the proper footwear to prevent this. 


Hiking enthusiasts always go for Border, the hiking men's sneakers at Olympus. The shoes feature extra padding around the ankle, a robust sole for grip and traction, and support that will keep you steady and safe while trekking abroad. 


We don't want any slips and accidents to ruin the entire vacation. Whether you're a hiking rookie or an expert, remember to pack these shoes to take with you.


Caring for Your Shoes


What would happen to your footwear once the European holiday ends?


You will likely wear them at home too. You can wear the slip-on men's sneaks at work, the lace-ups during weekend errands, and the hiking shoes when you trek the local trails. 


These versatile shoes would need the proper love and care if you want to wear them more often. Here are some easy tips:


  • Use a water and stain protection spray upon unboxing. It adds another layer that prevents water and stains from seeping through the material of the men's sneaks, giving you enough time to wipe them off.
  • Clean the shoes every time you come home by wiping visible dirt. Ensure you get into all corners and crevices.
  • Keep your shoes dry. Moisture is awful for your men's sneaks, so dry them naturally before storing them.
  • Avoid leaving your footwear lying around for dust to settle on. Store them in shoe cabinets or bags.


Travel to Europe with Olympus Mens' Sneakers!


Enjoy your European vacation in class and comfort with Olympus men's sneakers. Head to the nearest retailer or shop online now! 


Get 10% off your first purchase, among other rewards and perks. You can stay on top of the newest styles by signing up for email alerts about sales and arrivals. You can filter your search results by size or colour to find what you want.


While there are popular options for men's sneakers, including Polo Ralph Lauren, New Balance, Converse All-Star, Puma, Vans, Asics, Adidas Originals, and Nike, Olympus is the place to go for affordable and comfortable sneaks and running shoes that offer many benefits without compromising its quality.