Sneakers for Men That Will Last for Years to Come

The different styles of men's sneakers have been around for quite some time, yet their popularity has never dimmed. On the contrary, they gained quite a following and loyalty across the globe because of their characteristics: comfort, style, versatility, and affordability. So, are you here because you want to join the growing community of sneakerheads?


If yes, you came to the right place. For a first-time consumer of these shoes, you need a pair that will last you for years. Why?


Upon discovering how durable a pair of sneakers for men is, it will be your ultimate selling point, making you understand why guys are into collecting these shoes. In addition, buying a pair gives you more bang for your buck. Not only will a pair of these shoes last you a long time, but you can also wear them on numerous and varied occasions.


We agree that some rare and limited editions cost a lot, but who needs them when Olympus has styles that are just as nice? So, first and foremost, we at Olympus will discuss the benefits of wearing sneakers. We’ll give you a rundown of the styles that will last for years. 


Why Is Owning a Pair of Men's Sneakers Good for You?


In addition to the status sign you obtain by owning a pair, sneakers for men provide you (and your feet) with positive health benefits.


These benefits will entice you to get a pair from Olympus that will last you for years. 


  • Breathability that allows moisture to escape. Choose breathable shoes to avoid sweat-soaked tootsies, especially on hot days.


Doing so will help prevent fungal and bacterial buildup.


  • Protects your ankles and knees


Sneakers are ideal for active guys since they cushion the impact on your knees and ankles.


  • Offers comfort on an otherwise taxing day


These shoes provide guys with more flexibility to move their toes, which enhances blood flow and lessens foot fatigue.


  • Takes little to no break-in time 


Sneakers for men often fit well immediately and don't need any break-in time or practise. 


  • Offers enough stability and support


Sprinting down the street without stability and support is an accident waiting to happen, especially if you do this most of the time. And all it takes is one moment of carelessness!




Guys have been supporting men's skate sneakers since they came out. One reason for its rising popularity is the footwear's aesthetics: the flat soles and large tongue. The intended audience for these sneakers grew beyond the initial niche of skaters to cover everyone drawn to how these shoes look. 


More men are noticing and incorporating this look into their year-round wardrobe rotation. Why do you think this style lasts for years, whether because of interest or the shoe itself? By analysing their qualities, we can better comprehend why almost everyone is going crazy to get a pair of these men's sneakers and use them for a long time.


For one, these shoes' thick, flat soles helped the skaters feel the board beneath them easier. And now, even non-skaters love the soles. A second characteristic, the giant tongue of these men's shoes, protects skaters from harm while they perform tricks.




 Another style that will last you for years is the slip-on. They are popular because they are so simple to put on and take off—ideal when you are in a hurry to go somewhere. In addition, this lace-free men's footwear comes in various easy-to-match hues to complete any look.


It's no wonder guys use them for years, mainly if they go with everything in their wardrobe. Olympus has a few dressier pairs of these men's slip-ons, even though most options are more casual. Men's shoes at Olympus come in the following sizes: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, and 13.


In our helpful Olympus size guide, you can determine your shoe size by comparing it to the UK, US, and EU measures. It will be easier to discover your Olympus size if you know the size of your shoes in one of these systems. As foot sizes differ from brand to brand, getting your Olympus size right is essential.


 Hiking Shoes 


 Olympus carries a sport-specific pair of hiking shoes in its collection of men's shoes. Do you like to hike? If yes, this pair shouldn't miss your cart. 


These shoes will last you for years, depending on how often you go for a hike. Its most important function is to protect your tootsies from this strenuous activity. With hiking's physical demands, proper foot support is crucial.


Not wearing the correct men's footwear will impact your feet, ankles, and joints, so please do not risk it!


The Minimalist White Shoes (Compare to Adidas Men's Sneakers)


Men's white shoes have been popular since they first came out and will continue to be in the future. Why? The appeal of these men's footwear comes from their clean look. 


You need not worry about ever clashing; these shoes will look good with almost every outfit in your wardrobe. They are versatile and perfect for various events, from casual drives to formal occasions. For example, we've seen grooms wear these men's shoes with suits on their wedding day! (We have other colours as well!)


This pair is the one! However, we must warn you that owning men's white shoes requires that you set aside time to clean them, as they will not look good when dirty.

  • Shield them from dirt upon unboxing. Spray-on shoe shields protect the shoes and ward off liquids, stains, and dirt.
  • Properly store them. Floating microscopic specks of dust will prey on your footwear if you leave them lying around. Additionally, avoid leaving them in direct sunlight to prevent yellow-white rubber soles.
  • Wash the laces separately. Maintaining clean laces is the key to keeping your men's white shoes looking brand new. You can wash them by hand, place them in the washer, or replace them with new ones. You can get laces from Olympus' accessories page.


Go and Grab a Pair Now! Forget about your favourite brands—we've got your white sneakers covered.


Forget buying and collecting running shoes from Adidas Originals, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, New Balance, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma, Vans, Converse, Reebok, and other sneaker brands. Your search is over since the Olympus collection is just as good, and best of all, the price is always right!


Don't buy Adidas Originals, Nike, Polo Ralph Lauren, New Balance, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma, Vans, Converse, Reebok, and other running shoes and try to collect them.


So, if you find a pair you like, please head to the Olympus online shop on our website or any of our stores nearest you. We've got the items on your wishlist!