Slippers Perfect for Your Man This Winter

It is that time of year when the nights are cold, and the mornings are even colder. That's right; we are in the middle of winter, and the cold is well and truly here to stay. You will find that wearing general shoes does not cut anymore. Our range of men's slippers is the perfect alternative for you to wear all day and night. 


Men's slippers are super comfortable and wearable throughout the entire winter season. If you are ready to level up your winter look, keep reading! The team here at Olympus has gathered a collection of styles that we know you will love! 


Style 1 – Touch-fastening


Check out our super cool collection of touch-fastening men's slippers. These shoes are sure to make your life ten times better. The touch-fastening feature offers every guy an easy and wearable fastening so that you can spend every day in comfort.


In addition, these shoes are super easy to slip into for your day of relaxing. The touch-fastening collection of men's footwear allows you to put these shoes on your feet easily. Brands like us, Olympus, have these selected styles to offer you a relaxing day.


Your feet will stay safe and secure all day long in a pair of these kicks. The best thing about a set of touch-fastening men's slippers is that you will never have to worry about your feet slipping out of these shoes.


We love what a set of these men's footwear can do for your comfort levels. So get this as your first order at our brand shop at a great price, or continue shopping with us!


You can buy this now and pay later with Afterpay and Zip. You will reach maximum relaxation levels with these kicks on your feet, dude!


Style 2 – Ankle


Have you invested in a pair of men's sandals that are ankle-height? If you have not yet tried this trend, you get your hands on a set as soon as possible. You will find that ankle-height men's footwear is similar to a general pair of shoes. This tip means you can style your comfortable men's footwear as you would with a set of kicks. 


These are the type of shoes every guy needs at least one pair in his wardrobe. They are stylish, comfortable, and durable, so you can wear them around the house or spend a day running errands in these kicks.


In addition, a pair of ankle-height men's footwear will ensure that your ankles are not frozen cold during the cooler months of the year. These shoes feature a closed-toe front, so they are more suitable for a day of running around if that is what you need.


Nothing will feel better than sinking your feet into a comfy pair of ankle slippers that look like Ugg boots and Grosby uggs. We have it in the colours black and brown.


Search no further. We've got you settled for the slippers you are looking for. Take this as a sign to invest in a new pair of footwear if you haven't got one yet.


Style 3 – Open toe 


Say hello to the perfect combination of slides and men's footwear with the open-toed design. This style of men's footwear turns your look up a notch. The open-toed feature allows you more versatility and breathability, a must-have for a busy day working from home. In addition, these men's footwear is easy to wear around the house or backyard. 


Be careful when wearing these shoes on sunny days; you do not want an awkward tan line on your toes! Also, the open-toed feature allows plenty of air to flow through your men's footwear, which is perfect for the warmer months.


In addition, these shoes can come on and off easily so that you can instantly change into your workout kicks straight after work.


Trust us, dude! Let our branded shop be one of your top brands for shopping for quality, comfort, and style. We have provided you with a size guide on our store site that has a perfect fit for you.


The open-toed men's footwear can get paired with a nice set of fluffy socks if you decide to wear these during the cooler months. However, they are the perfect pair of men's footwear all year round, and you will find it very hard to be without them on your days off!


Style 4 – Knee-height


If you thought that the height of men's footwear stopped at the mid-calf, then you thought wrong. Introducing the knee-height kicks. This design of men's footwear is made to give you the ultimate level of comfort and warmth. 


These shoes would overheat your feet in winter, so it is best to rock a pair of these bad boys during the colder months. This style of shoe will be helpful if you are the type of guy who enjoys going camping. 


The early mornings and late nights are cold, especially during winter. However, your camping trips will become ten times warmer once you treat yourself to a pair of these knee-height men's kicks.


In addition, your feet will feel super snug and cosy in a set of these kicks. These knee-height men's kicks are a game-changer for your winter looks. 


Style 5 – Mid-high


Take your casual look to the next level with a pair of mid-high men's slippers. The height of these shoes is what draws everyone. Keep your feet warm and toasty when the temperature dips with these mid-high kicks.


You can get the ultimate levels of warmth and comfort with a set of footwear that can cover nearly half of the bottom part of your leg. These are the go-to shoes for guys who hate or feel the cold weather easily. 


Nothing is worse than spending a morning getting ready for the day and feeling cold. We know how uncomfortable this feeling is, and we recommend wearing a pair of mid-high men's footwear. These are great to wear all year long but especially useful during winter. The crisp and cold air will never make its way through your pair of men's footwear. 


The mid-high height of men's footwear is the perfect replication of high-tops, which means that these kicks can protect your ankles and calves from winter weather conditions. Our slippers are available in black and brown colours suitable for both mens and women.


Style 6 – Slip-on 


Spend the day at home relaxing by the television in a new pair of men's slip-on slippers. That's right; our range of slip-on men's footwear is a must-have in every man's life! You will fall in love with a pair of these shoes as soon as you step foot into your slip-on men's footwear. Trainers are the greatest shoe style since there are no ankle straps, so you can keep things casual.


You can get in and out of these shoes with ease. A pair of slip-on men's footwear features a closed toe, which means your feet will stay protected for a long day. You will want to wear a pair of these kicks every day that you can because of how comfortable they are. 


These sandals are available in black, brown, and grey colour. So you can collect all of them to match with the different outfits you have.


A set of these men's footwear makes for the perfect pair of shoes to wear at home for a day full of relaxation. BARRY is the perfect men's footwear for every guy to wear. So stay in touch, sign up for free and get exclusive access and offers on our shoes.


Check out our website for more of our shoes. You can search by the categories, filters, or the search bar itself. Enjoy shopping!


Ready to treat yourself to a pair of men's slippers?


We know our range of kicks is perfect to wear all winter long. You will never go wrong with these shoes in your life. Head to the Olympus website ASAP and treat yourself to warm, cosy, and fluffy men's slippers!

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