Shoe Trends For 2018

2018 Is finally here and with a new year comes a whole fresh you which means a new wardrobe! So without further introduction what are the shoe trends for 2018? Spendless is here to help you find out!


We have to start off with our women's range because let's be honest ladies with these hot summer days we are going to need some serious updating of our beautiful shoe wardrobe. You can find a variety of styles on our website here but here is some further information about the shoe trends for 2018.


Heels are always a major trend no matter what the year but this year the stiletto high heel is coming back into fashion with a fantastic range of colours. Natural is setting the scene this year as the colour of choice and so is red! You can also find that the block heel is indeed back in style this year as well, it has been dominating the market over the past few years, but this year the trend is the block heel with the string laces which you can tie up your legs seems to be a viral trend. If that does not take your fancy, we also have the always favourite block heel and buckle in a vast range of colours including rose gold which is also a massive trend this year! The final trend in heels is the mules; they are a great all day shoe because they give you extra support but always look incredible with any outfit that you put them with such as jeans or culottes.


Moving on from our heels we also are finding that flats are a huge trend this year as well! On our Spendless website, you can find a massive range of flats which include sandals, slides and loafers. Sandals are all the rage this year with buckles being a big winner, and even classic styles have been more popular than ever. However, the trend is also shifting to more of a slide in range which includes all different colours and styles. The slide is so popular because it is so comfortable to wear to the beach or if you are just going out and about during the day, it is easy and always adds great style to any outfit.


The final trend in ladies that is carrying over for years now is the sneaker trend. Sneakers in recent years have gone from being a staple for going to the gym to a staple for going anywhere. Now you can just put on a pair of sneakers, and it is fashionable.


The Spendless website also has a massive range of men's styles which will be in trend for 2018. On the site, we have a variety of dress shoes which are the trend for weddings or going out to a fancy bar or restaurant, or we also have a casual range which includes two of the most prominent trends in men's shoes which are loafers and boat shoes. Finally, in the men's range, we have a dedicated area to sneakers which include skate/casual and sports luxe as like the women's range this range is also great to just wearing with a pair of jeans or shorts to go out and about in for day to day.
With 2018 just beginning this is justĀ summer shoe style trends, keep an eye out for more winter shoe trends for 2018 coming soon.