Sandals That Are Stylish And Affordable!

Do you want the most stylish and affordable men’s sandals around? The first step is to shop at Olympus! Our legendary low prices will see that you get your new men’s sandals for a bargain! And, with design updates always coming in to keep our range trendy, it’s easy to find the season’s best shoes on our shelves. 


Stop sacrificing trendy men’s sandals for a cosy fit, and forget about giving up long-lasting comfort for a cooler aesthetic! If you don’t believe that our shoes are more affordable and stylish that the competition’s, then we’re sure we can convince you otherwise! Once you’re done reading about our men’s sandals, you’ll know better! 


Add Olympus’ slides to your 2021 shopping list! 


We’ve got plenty of slides for you to look at this season, and we’re sure something in the range will catch your attention. Still, we’d be happy to point out some of our most popular men’s sandals to make things easier for you. 


First, there are our black and white slides. These retro-feeling men’s sandals come with contoured soles that will cushion your feet in all the right places and some trendy top stripes for decoration. Another favourite at Olympus is our leather-look slides. You can tell where we got the inspiration for these men’s sandals, what with their trendy duel top straps, shaped innersoles, and faux leather finish! We see many guys wear these types of shoes with their most stylish casual outfits, but they dress up well.


 During autumn and spring, you can pair these men’s sandals up with your go-to jeans, a shirt, and a matching leather jacket. 


Would you like men’s sandals that adjust to your ideal comfort? 


Olympus has your dream pair ready and waiting! You need to take a look at our selection of touch-fastening men’s sandals if you think that an adjustable fit is an appealing feature. On these styles, you’ll find two touch-fastening straps on the top and one band that covers the back of the ankle. As such, you can loosen or tighten your men’s sandals until they fit your foot comfortably. Not only will these straps keep your feet feeling cosy and well-supported when you wear them out for the day, but they also offer a more secure fit. 


Do you plan on taking your men’s sandals out adventuring on a camping or fishing trip, around rock pools, or in other outdoor settings? Our hard-wearing styles won’t have any trouble in these terrains thanks to their excellent grooved tread, and you’re at less risk of losing them too!


Unlike slides or pairs with elastic straps, which can slip right off your feet, it’s highly unlikely that these men’s sandals would fall off your feet without a fight! Did we mention that we have a handful of great designs for you to choose from in 2021 too? Touch-fastening men’s sandals in our range come with stylish contrasting stitching, side cut-outs, and casual vibes.


We have vegan-friendly versions and ones that include leather. So, if you prefer a particular type of material, then Olympus has got that covered for you as well. 


How could you go wrong with beach thongs?


You won’t find a more fitting pair of men’s sandals to match up with your swimwear! These waterproof slides have been the quintessential beach shoes for longer than anyone can remember. They’re an ideal pair of men’s sandals to wear to the pool, during water-balloon fights, and on the lawn when you keep cool by running through the spray from your sprinklers. 


The slide-on style makes slipping them on and kicking them off easy. Since they’re fine to get wet and wear in the water, you can take them from the sand to the surf without a care in the world. On the hottest days of summer, you’ll be glad to have classic men’s sandals like these to keep your feet cool. Plus, they’re an instant match with swimsuits, casual clothes, and all of that stuff! 


The best part about having a waterproof set of men’s sandals (other than wearing them into the water, obviously) is the fact that they’re super easy to clean. Getting them dirty is no issue at all because you can spray grass, mud, dirt and any other mess straight off by putting them under a tap or hose. Leave your men’s sandals to dry off outside afterwards, and they’ll be ready to go out again in record time! 


How many other shoes can you say the same about in your current collection? But remember, if you are going to wear these men’s sandals out on a sunny day, putting a bit of sunscreen on the tops of your feet wouldn’t hurt! Of course, if you love the look of tan lines from toe straps, then don’t let us stop you! 


Did you know that you can buy Olympus styles now and pay later? 


We know that you’ll be in love with our prices for men’s sandals (and all of our other styles) from the moment you first start looking at our collection. However, we also understand that life gets busy. You may have a dozen other things to pay for, need to wait for your next payday, or are trying to stick to a budget when you shop, a new pair of men’s sandals might fall to the wayside while you focus on other priorities. 


Thankfully, we’ve figured out a way that you can get the best of both worlds with Olympus, and that’s by purchasing items using your Afterpay or Zip account. Do you have an account with either of these connoisseurs of delayed payments? If not, you should seriously consider signing up before you buy your next pair of men’s sandals. 


Essentially, our delivery service is the same as usual for sending out your order. The exception is, instead of paying for your items all at once, you get the split up the cost. You’ll have several weeks to make small payments for your order until you’ve completely paid it off, and you’ll get to wear and enjoy your new shoes in the meantime. 


It’s a win-win for anyone who wants to be able to prioritise their expenses without missing out on anything. So, why not use your Afterpay or Zip account at the Checkout? You’ll be able to treat yourself to some new men’s sandals when you want them and avoid regret and buyer’s remorse afterwards. 


The most stylish and affordable men’s sandals are waiting for you at Olympus! 

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