Our Top Picks for Men's Sneakers This Season!

The popularity of men's sneakers across the globe keeps rising as more guys of various ages wear them everywhere. The sneakerhead community is growing, and more people are joining the trend. 


With several options available, it takes time to narrow down the choices. As such, the team from Olympus is stepping in to help.


The brand has provided quality sneakers over the years and knows the shoes like the back of their hands. The options we'll recommend fit the lifestyle and usual activities for which guys use these shoes. 


Whether you're the no-fuss guy who loves easy-to-wear sneakers or the boy next door who prefers a clean and sleek style, we've got your back. An active outdoor lifestyle is no exception. 


Our shoes will keep you steady and comfortable against the natural elements. Please read on if you want to learn more about our top picks for Olympus men's sneakers this season.


The Rise of Skate Shoes


Skate shoes are sneakers designed initially for skateboarding. The style's flat sole and oversized tongue play a massive role in keeping skaters safe while doing their tricks and turns. 


However, it didn't take long for non-skaters to notice how incredibly stylish these are. Why limit these beauties to skaters when several customers are excited to wear them beyond the sport?


You don't need a skateboard to add these men's running shoes to your closet. You only need an appreciation for excellent things that look and feel good. 


The skate shoes deserve a spot in your shoe closet because they tick all the necessary features—comfortable, versatile, and stylish. But if you think the positives end there, you're mistaken. 


The Olympus collection of men's sneakers is affordable, too. There's no need to exceed the budget to get the best skate shoes. 


Whether you're out with your buddies, doing your errands, or off to spend the night on the town, these men's runners are your best bet. Here are our top picks from the Olympus collection. 


1. Slip-On


No-fuss guys want footwear that does not interrupt their preparation time. Options that take seconds to wear are their top picks. And if you're one of them, the brown slip-on canvas shoes are ideal. Cedric takes mere seconds to wear. 


Aside from being easy to wear, these men's sneaks scream minimalist chic with their thin, comfortable soles and rounded-toe design. While some overlook small details, sneakerheads give them plus points. 


Cedric has attractive and unique patch detailing on the outer material. The shiny finish and two elasticised side gussets provide the style and snug fit that make this footwear like no other. 


Many travellers enjoy bringing Cedric on their trips because he doesn't take up much space or add extra weight to their luggage. Additionally, many men appreciate Cedric more than Adidas men's sneakers because they are easier to take off and put on during airport security checks and come at a lower price.


2. Lace-Up


Some guys want to wear sneakers that are adjustable as needed. Laces enable them to tighten the fit when they need more security and warmth. 


Achieve that boy-next-door look with Gabriel, our top pick from the laced men's runner collection at Olympus. 


You'll love the contrasting fabric textures and leather-look tan accents for style. The thick sole and laced design will provide immeasurable comfort.


These shoes aren't what people usually notice at first glance, so show them what they are overlooking! Elevate your daily outfits and use these with jeans, chinos, or shorts. 


3. White Men's Sneakers


Not to be forgotten is a style of sneakers that has taken the world by storm. Guys of all ages wear these clean and fresh pairs of shoes. 


White men's sneakers dominate street fashion because they are the easiest to style and wear. Whether casual or formal, these shoes can make it work.


Weddings are no exception, as brides and grooms wear matching white shoes on their special day. The popularity of white sneakers is astounding. 


And it is no surprise that guys keep flocking to Henley, an Olympus pair. It goes with everything in your closet and boosts the look you want to achieve. 


These shoes have blue ankle padding that contrasts nicely against the all-white shoes. Wear these beauties with jeans and a black button-down shirt.


Hiking Shoes


Are you ready to take on the beautiful outdoors? 


If you're nodding in affirmation, it's time to get a pair of these hiking shoes. These are our top picks because several of you love bushwalking, hiking, and exploring the wild. 


Olympus hiking shoes will not only protect you from the natural elements, rugged terrain, and uneven surfaces, but they will also ensure you look good.


Border is the perfect pair of Olympus sneakers for outdoorsy guys. It's the dream shoe of adventure seekers who want to keep their feet safe and comfortable throughout the rigorous activity. 


These hiking shoes have extra padding around the ankles to keep them stable, gripped soles for superior traction on various surfaces, and robust designs to keep natural elements and sharp objects away.


Whether you're a beginner or an expert, these are the men's sneakers we picked for you. Enjoy your hike!


Grab Any of These Viral Mens' Sneakers Now!


All four options are our top picks for this season. Go out in style and comfort with these shoes on your feet.


Regarding sneakers, there is a wide range of colours, styles, and manufacturers, like Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Converse All-Star, Adidas Originals, Asics, New Balance, Vans, Puma, and Nike. 


But if you're looking for something more affordable without compromising on quality or comfort, Olympus has the best running shoes and trainers. It’s time to look closer by heading to the nearest Olympus retailer or the online store. 


We guarantee you'll always want to keep them once you've seen and tried them. If you can't decide on one, get them all. 



You won't break the bank with help from the flexible payment systems at Olympus, which allow you to purchase men's sneakers now and pay in instalments later. Be sure to add invisible socks before checking out.