Men, Slippers Are Your Answer to a Cosy Winter

What's the one thing you wish you could do every winter?

If you answered hibernation, you're not alone. But since you're not a polar bear and have responsibilities, you can always get the next best thing: men's slippers.

Wearing men's slippers from Olympus will help you fight winter's cold and dreary feelings. In addition, this footwear is the best accessory when you decide to lounge on the couch with a hot mug of chocolate.

Wearing slippers this winter can provide many benefits besides comfort. However, if you have yet to experience wearing this excellent Olympus footwear, you're missing out on many things.

Allow our Olympus team to give you a crash course on slippers, the benefits of having them, and the styles you can choose from. Of course, once you've seen them, you might want more than one. So if you're ready, let's start!

Why should I get a pair of Olympus mens slippers (not Ugg boots)?

If you've been walking barefoot at home most of the time, you've missed the benefits slippers can provide. This footwear can impact your health and protect you from unexpected household hazards.

1. Keep your feet warm

The best way to feel cosy on a chilly winter day is to avoid the cold. Unfortunately, your feet are the most accessible entryway for the cold to seep in, especially since they have direct contact with the ground at home. 

Wearing slippers will keep you warm, preventing you from getting sick. Cold feet usually lead to poor circulation and lower immunity. So if you're not wearing slippers at home, you risk being ill, affecting your work and the people around you.

2. Keep you protected

Are you 100% sure that your house is safe?

Wearing slippers is an additional layer against sharp objects or toys left around. These objects are the usual suspects that lead to accidental slips. 

Add wires, cords, spilt juices, and newly waxed floors to the list of things you need protection from. 

Men's slippers make walking around the house safer and more comforting. Your house is your haven, and you usually don't think getting hurt there is possible. 

But since you can get hurt, it's best to wear slippers to help you feel assured and comfy this winter.

3. Keep your feet clean

Busy people don't have time to clean daily, leading to dusty floors. In addition, the dust attaches to your feet if you walk around the house barefoot or without slippers. 

As you transfer from one room to another, you carry the dirt and spread it around the house. 

The soles of your slippers should collect dust instead of your feet. And if you're not wearing footwear, the muck can enter via a cut you might have and cause infection.

4. Keep your posture upright

Have you experienced slumped shoulders from all the tension and stresses of a long day at work?

Add to that the extra hassle you had with the winter weather. After going through that, all you wish for is to come home and feel the tension melt away with the help of your slippers. 

And yes, men's slippers can ease your stress with built-in soft cushioning. In addition, the support from this footwear reduces the pressure on your feet and legs, which enables you to stand taller and sit straighter.

5. Keep you relaxed

The best way to keep you cosy during these cooler months in Australia is to ensure you remain relaxed throughout the season. When you get home from work, please remove your shoes and leave them by the door, which signals you to forget your stress outside. 

Once you wear them inside, it's all about you and how you can get comfortable. So forget your worries and start getting cosy.

The Men's Slippers That You Didn't Know You Needed

Hopefully, we've convinced you why you need a pair this winter (and beyond). Footwear is not only an accessory; it's also a necessity. 

Olympus knows this, which is why it ensures that the available men's slipper collection provides all the mentioned benefits and more.

Sizing is not a problem, as a pair of this footwear is available for everyone. The Olympus collection comes in the following sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, S, M, L, and XL. 

Ensure you get the correct measurement, which will affect your slippers' comfort. 

If you need help with your Olympus size, check out the handy size guide for easy conversion. Also, note that knowing your size in other systems (UK, US, and EU) will make figuring out the Olympus counterpart easier.

Surrounding yourself with colours that soothe you can make your winter cosier. The colours of the Olympus brand of slippers are all relaxing – black, blue/navy, brown, grey, and tan. 

Blue can manage stress because it's a soothing colour that reduces anxiety and slows the heart rate. So choosing blue will bring peace, gentleness, and calmness.

Meanwhile, if you're searching for stability, comfort, and support, we suggest choosing brown slippers, as this colour is warm, grounded, and comfortable. 

While you may not believe that colour can impact and improve your mood, it wouldn't hurt to try since the choice is already there. Which colour do you think will be perfect to take on travel?

The common characteristic among the Olympus brand of men's slippers is their soft and fluffy interior and lining, which is the epitome of cosy. 

Try our brand, which resembles Grosby Ugg boots and other popular styles.
As mentioned earlier, putting your tootsies inside any of the styles available is like getting a warm hug, and that's what we all need when the harsh winter season announces its chilly arrival.

Let Olympus Help You Get Cosy This Winter!

It's time to forget the day's worries by getting a pair of men's slippers to walk around the house in before hitting the bed! 

Your search is over; head to the nearest Olympus store or the online shop. Use the clear filters (choose from categories labelled as WOMENS, MENS, etc. ) on our page to find your ideal pair. 

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