Men's Sneakers That Are on Trend

Do you love new shoes? If this sounds like you, then Olympus is the place to be. We offer plenty of shoe styles that every guy can wear. You will find that men's sneakers are super popular during the winter season. So why not try something new and level up your shoe collection with these kicks by your side. 


If you are stuck on what style to invest in, do not fear. The team here at Olympus has gathered a variety of men's sneakers that we know and love, and you will too! Take a read down below to find out more. 


Style 1 – High-tops


Say hello to our range of stylish and modern men's sneakers. A pair of high-tops will become your new favourite set of kicks to wear from morning until night. These kicks were originally created for professional basketball players. This tip is because professional players need extra comfort around their ankles when on the court. 


High-tops feature a padded outer material and are extra supportive around the ankles. With different fashion trends constantly emerging, the classic high-tops are now super popular in the fashion world. 


So, whether you are a professional basketball player or a fashion fanatic, you can trust that these men's running shoes are the perfect pair for you. Nothing is better than rocking a set of kicks sure to boost your style. Even dads can rock this trend! 


Style 2 – Canvas 


A pair of men's canvas sneakers will ensure your man looks neat and casual all day long. These men's sneakers are a versatile piece to wear for a man's everyday activities. Canvas sneakers are also a shoe for women to wear.


Men's canvas sneakers are flexible and breathable, making them the perfect go-to pair of kicks. For a guy who loves to wear men's sneakers, he will be sure to love wearing a pair of these canvas shoes.


There is a range of methods to put in place to ensure that your man looks the part when he rocks a set of his men's canvas sneakers—looking for Adidas originals, Nike, Puma, Converse, Vans, etc. So why not try our brand of shoes?


We've got you covered for those white sneakers you are looking for, named HENLEY. HENLEY offers a casual, simple and stylish look, making it perfect to pair with any outfit for every occasion.


We recommend wearing these kicks with a pair of chino pants, an oversized t-shirt, and a woolly jacket. You will find that this look is popular for your casual, day-to-day looks and allows every guy to dress the way they like freely. In addition, a pair of men's canvas sneakers are easy to style, so even if the guy in your life is not very fashion-forward, he will still look his best in these kicks


The best thing about these men's sneakers is that they offer a wide range of designs. CLYDE is our go-to; we know you will love wearing these kicks! Our brand shop, Olympus, can be one of your favourite brands from now on, as we have shoe styles you can choose from.


Style 3 – Trainers


Put on a pair of sneakers to keep things casual. These men's sneakers are the perfect style of shoe to wear for the days when you do not have time to think about your look but have so many places to be. These kicks offer you versatility, comfort, and style all in one. 


Trainers are generally to be an exercise-only style of men's sneakers. But, because athleisure is becoming a popular fashion trend and is on popular searches, it gives guys the chance to flex their latest activewear to others. This footwear will take you to your top performance, so invest with our trainers similar to Adidas men's sneakers.


So a pair of trainers can take you from your morning run straight to a coffee with your mates at the local café. So there is never a bad time to wear your favourite pair of trainers for your casual, day-to-day look.


If you like our shoes and order online, you can receive free delivery or shipping on orders over $50. So don't lose this opportunity and grab yours now!


Style 4 – Slip-on 


Do you love comfortable men's sneakers? Then look no further because we have the perfect pair of kicks for you. Introducing; the slip-on men's sneakers. These running shoes are perfect for your daily activities full of lunch dates and running errands. 


All you have to do is slip your feet into these slide-on men's sneakers, and away you go with your day. These are perfect to pair with the baggy, casual clothes you choose to wear on a day spent at home doing some housework. However, if you have to dip out of the house for a little while, these men's sneakers will easily allow you to do that. 


SERPENT will look flawless on your feet and can pair perfectly with a wide range of outfits. It's a win-win! 

So swap your old Polo Ralph Lauren pairs with these kicks.


Style 5 – Touch-fastening


Check out our range of touch-fastening men's sneakers. These are super comfortable shoe style that is perfect for guys who love everything easy. In addition, a set of touch-fastening shoes can allow you to show off your fashion sense easily. 


We love that a pair of touch-fastening men's sneakers can make your life ten times easier when you need it most. These shoes are perfect for the days when you do not have the energy to throw together a fashionable outfit and need something easy to wear. 


These sneakers come in plenty of styles and designs, so you will always look fashionable with minimal effort. Then, take these men's sneakers to the next level with your everyday looks by pairing them with jeans and a loose-fitted t-shirt. You will love the comfort these men's sneakers can provide, dude!


So forget about New Balance, Tommy Hilfiger, etc. and instead invest in these kicks at an affordable price and great quality that you will wear over and over again.



One thing every guy forgets to invest in when shopping for men's sneakers is to get some shoe accessories. You will find that a set of shoe accessories will instantly add a layer of comfort to your new pair of kicks. There is no better feeling than the one you get with a set of accessories in your life. 


We recommend investing in some innersoles for your next pair of men's sneakers. These shoe accessories are super comfortable and easy to wear. You will find a boost of comfort and support for your feet with these shoe accessories in your life. You will never regret getting your hands on these kicks! 


Have you found the perfect pair of men's sneakers?


If you are nodding yes, this is your sign to make it happen ASAP! You will never go wrong with a new pair of kicks in your life. There are plenty of styles and designs to wear from morning until night. Head to the Olympus website today!

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