Men’s Slippers to Keep Your Feet Cosy This Winter!

What’s the best part about winter?

You get to hibernate! Well, if you’re a polar bear. But, since you’re not, you can opt for the next best thing: feeling cosy like one in a pair of the best men’s slippers around.

We’ve all experienced how lethargic one can get because of the cold and freezing season. And one way we can cope with it and turn it into our version of hibernation is through Olympus’ men’s slippers.

Why should you bother getting one?

The most common reason for purchasing a pair of men’s slippers is to get warm. However, your feet deserve as much protection from the chilling cold as the rest of your body. 

Also, men's slippers should offer more protection for the feet, which can be the most accessible place for the cold to spread to the rest of the body.

Another reason you will love a pair of cosy men’s slippers this winter is the softness of the material. Do you know how your head feels instantly relaxed once it hits the pillow on your bed? 

It’s the same with soft footwear. After hours of carrying your weight around, doubly heavy since you wear extra layers in winter, you deserve only the most delicate men’s slipper material at home.

Lastly, winter causes the floors at home to get moist and slippery. So, imagine someone ringing the doorbell or calling your phone, and you need to rush and answer them in time. 

Slipping and falling are riskier if you don't have suitable slippers and carpets on your floor, leading to more expensive and irreparable health problems. Broken body parts are no joke!

With all the reasons we enumerated, are you closer to being convinced? Because if you are, the next step would be to figure out which to get. 

Of course, the only place you can get quality ones is Olympus, which has several styles that can confuse you.

But worry not because our team at Olympus will help you narrow the choices. As much as we want to recommend all, so you’ll have the best winter season ever, we understand

Olympus Styles

Upon clicking on Olympus men’s slippers, when you search, you’ll see an array of new products that are all screaming cosy. All items are so tempting that you want to jump in and envelop your feet in their soft interiors. But before that, let’s discuss the available men’s slippers’ colours.

There are five: black, (navy) blue, brown, grey, and tan. All of them are easy to match. More importantly, the colour palette is relaxing and calming. After a long day at work and winter’s gloom, you would want to be inside men’s slippers to relieve the stress.

For instance, blue (navy) exudes peace, calmness, and gentleness. There is one style of men’s slippers that comes in a darker shade of blue that will soothe your worries away.

While others think grey is depressing, it has a cooling presence. Once you wear a pair of men’s slippers in this colour, you will hardly keep your eyes open and might fall asleep on the couch!

That’s how cosy they are. Wearing all the available styles has that effect, even the other colours. So let’s dive in and see which men’s slippers will be your best bet during the winter.

Style 1—Boots

Boots are typical in winter because of the warmth and coverage they provide. Now transform them into men’s slippers, with outer material that is soft and fuzzy. They look so cushiony that you want to squeeze them at first sight.

But their oozing goodness doesn’t end there. Wait till you put on the men’s boot slippers, where the inner lining is warmer. So blissful. The soft and fluffy lining is the best comfort your frosty toes deserve after a day of freezing in the cold.

These come in black and tan, and each one has its appeal. And because they are boots, the style has sturdy soles you can wear for a quick errand outside the house. Compare them with top brands like the well-known Grosby Uggs or Ugg boots, for which you must pay the maximum price. What do you think? Are these for you?

Style 2—Slide-On

Unlike the boots that cover the ankles and slightly above, the slide-on covers the feet only. But it’s okay, as these men’s slippers can still provide the warmth you need during the winter.

The slip-on has flexible, plush soles and a soft, fluffy inner lining that can melt all the stress and cold away. There are several products in the slide-on men’s slippers category.

This footwear is the hug of comfort you need to battle the cold. Selected styles have a touch-fastening strap that allows you to adjust how snug you want to feel. We believe that the tighter the men’s slippers, the better you will feel during the winter.

Another kind of men’s slipper in this category that you might like has thick, fluffy padding around the ankle. With your ankles doing a lot of work, especially during the winter, they deserve soft support at the end of the day. 

Imagine wearing these men’s slippers with your feet propped on the couch and a mug of hot chocolate in one hand. Isn’t the image so blissful? Recreate it by getting a pair from Olympus!

Style 3—Mules

Mules are the third style available at Olympus. Although this footwear is open at the back, the soft fabric finish and padded sole will still provide the warmth you need during winter.

With their easy slip-on and off-wearability, these men’s slippers will have you basking in comfort within seconds. In addition, the style comes in grey, which we described as soothing and relaxing.

In addition, this range uses vegan-friendly materials that are sustainable and environment-friendly.

Chase the Winter Woes Away BY Keeping Your Feet Warm with mens slippers!

While you’re not as lucky as polar bears, which can hide and hibernate the winter months away, you can have the next best thing. 

Shop online for shoes at the Olympus website or the store closest to you in Australia to stay warm during the cold months! Use our handy size guide to find your correct size. Then, rest and be at your cosiest with a pair of Olympus brand men’s slippers.