Men’s Slippers From Olympus Will Keep Your Winter Feet Warm!

Winter can be so harsh and cold that sometimes you wish you were a polar bear so that you could hibernate for three months. But since you’re not, go for the next best thing: men’s slippers you can wear to lounge at home!

Your feet are the most straightforward entryway for the cold to enter the body, so keep them warm and cosy throughout the cooler months. 

You could buy top brands, but why spend all that money? Men’s slippers at Olympus are the answer to your prayers. The available styles are so good that it will make you wonder if you can wear them outside the house. 

With five colours to choose from, you’ll never feel the winter gloom. Olympus slippers come in black, blue, brown, grey, and tan. So which one’s your favourite?

Our team at Olympus will help you decide on your style. First, we’ll start with the benefits of wearing slippers and their multiple purposes. After that, we’ll go straight to the types.  

Why Wear Men’s Slippers? 

It’s not enough that you know Olympus is the best source for slippers. First, you need to understand why you should get yourself one. Then, if you’re feeling generous, you can even gift this footwear to people close to you so they can reap the following benefits: 

  • As mentioned, men’s slippers can warm your feet in winter, where bare feet quickly feel chilly. In addition, this footwear can insulate your feet and prevent heat loss, even when temperatures drop outside.

Moreover, you can decrease your chances of getting the flu. You become less susceptible to these diseases if you wear mens slippers that prevent them from entering your body.

  • Besides shielding your feet from cold, hard floors, they ooze with cosiness. The soft, plush materials feel great against your skin, while the padded soles give your tired feet extra cushioning while you walk around the house.
  • It also provides traction and coverage from things lying around the house, which could hurt bare toes. For example, you never know when someone spilt their juice box or if someone forgot their marbles and Legos lying around. 

Stepping on these things can be painful. More importantly, traction from the soles of slippers can stop you from breaking your bones, an injury that can cause permanent damage.

  • Another benefit is keeping your house clean. Shoes you wear outside the house carry so much dirt you can bring inside if you don’t change into your slippers by the door. 

Don’t you love footwear that serves multiple purposes? 

What to Check? 

You should look at a few things to ensure the slippers will do what you want them to, like keeping your feet warm in the winter and all the other things we listed above. These features guarantee that you get the elevated lounging experience you deserve.

When you think of cosy winter lounging, the first thing that comes to mind is a soft, cushiony material that envelops your feet. The slippers' interior fabric should be as plush and warm as a cloud for this purpose.

As for the other purposes, the soles must be sturdy enough to grip the floor but flexible and plush. 

Olympus Styles 

Olympus has slippers of all kinds, catering to your tastes and needs. So let’s look at them and see which one fits your lounging lifestyle at home. 

1. Boots 

This style of men's slipper at Olympus is the warmest and covers the most area. One type is ankle-length, while the other is mid-leg, so choose which coverage you need. 

The outer material is soft and fuzzy, while the inner is thicker for more warmth. (Compare these with Grosby Uggs.)

Can you imagine drinking your hot chocolate mug and watching your favourite shows with your feet propped up in these slippers? Now that’s hibernation if we ever saw one.

And if you need to step out of the house for a quick trip to the mailbox or the grocery store for that ingredient you forgot, you can wear the boots. 

The soles of these slippers for men are strong and flexible so that they can grip surfaces outside the house. But keep their outdoor exposure minimal to avoid bringing in dirt from outside. 

2. Slip-on 

Olympus has various slip-on slippers available for you. You will love how easy it is to slip your feet inside them, especially after a long day of walking and standing at work. 

However, we suggest you leave the slippers by the door for easy access when you get home.

Check out the moccasin-like style with extraordinary stitching detail on the toes and bridge of the footwear. In addition, these slippers have soft padding inside and around the ankle to maximise comfort and warmth. It envelops your feet like a warm hug.

Another slip-on style that might interest you is a cross between outdoor shoes and slippers. While the inside of the slippers is already cosy, sometimes you need more. 

One has elastic side gussets that expand so you can layer on socks and still have room to move. And if you need control over the snugness of your winter footwear, you will love the touch-fastening top strap of another Olympus slip-on.  

3. Mule 

Not everyone fancies having their entire feet covered at home, so there’s an available mule style for you. These slippers come in grey, have no fastenings, and expose the back part of your feet. 

But the footwear’s soft fabric will keep your feet snug and well-heated. Check the handy size guide to ensure you have the right Olympus size to enjoy these slippers fully. 

Stay Comforted Through the Winter!

Winter can be gloomy and grey, but you don’t have to stay that way. The top priority of Olympus men’s slippers is warmth, comfort, and cosiness. 

We've covered 3 styles of mens slippers: boots (similar to Ugg boots), slip-ons and mules. So which of these selected styles in the range of the Olympus brand will make your favourite pair list?

Buy the colour you love, or choose from black, blues, browns, greys, tans, and whites. Use our size guide to help you find the perfect fit. Now is the time to visit your local Olympus store or order one online! We offer free delivery on orders over $50! 

So be a sweetheart and shop for those who mean the most to you!