Men's Slippers are the Perfect 'Just Because' Gift

Are you the type of person who asks what the occasion is when someone sends you a gift?

We bet the gift made you happier when the sender told you it was a 'just because' kind of gift. Sending someone a random gift is more touching because it conveys the message that you think of them even on non-special days.

If you want to spread random joy to people dear to you, the best way to do that is by sending them a pair of men's slippers from Olympus.

Sending them some footwear that will style their days even in the cooler months will tell them that you wish them better health, less stress, and protection from home accidents, which happen frequently.

It may sound puzzling to you now, but read more on how you can show your men or people you love that you care for them by sending them footwear.

Our team from Olympus is stepping in to highlight the benefits that the recipient (or even you if you want to get them for yourself) can get from wearing this footwear. Let's get to it!

What can they get from wearing men's slippers at home?

Wearing this footwear is a minor step that people often overlook because they think walking barefoot around the house is safe. Little do they know, slippers can make them more comfortable and safer.

And once you give the footwear as a gift, these are the different ways it can improve their lives.


  • Give warmth


It's winter, and the one thing people need most this season is warmth. Walking barefoot on the cold floors of your house can make people susceptible to sickness, and slippers are the only way to prevent that. 

Cold feet can cause poor circulation and lower immunity, which, in turn, may progress to flu, fatigue, or chronic pain. When you keep their feet warm with slippers, you improve their circulation and health.

We are willing to bet that the thoughtfulness with which you gave this gift will touch the recipient.


  • Maintain cleanliness and hygiene.


Wearing slippers inside your house will protect the wearer from infection while embracing a specific style. Imagine walking around the place where dirt and other items have accumulated. 

If the person has a cut or wound on their feet, they can get infected. With slippers, they are safer! The footwear should be in direct contact with dirt.


  • Protect from accidents


The house is a hotbed for accidents, especially with spills, exposed wires, shiny floors, toys, and items left around. Not wearing footwear increases the risk of stepping on them and tripping or slipping. Have you tried stepping on Lego, and how painful is it?

When gift recipients wear slippers at home, they are safe from all these hazards. Plus, the footwear provides traction against slippery floors, so it's safe for them to rush to the door when someone rings the bell.


  • Enhances Posture


Did you know that stress can weigh a person down (literally and figuratively)?

The slumped shoulders and hunched backs are manifestations of stress. Thankfully, the soft cushioning of slippers can melt all the tension away. 

The footwear relieves pressure on the feet and legs. Without the burden, your stance improves—making you sit straighter and stand taller.


  • Comfortable


They'd love to come to their place and relax after a long day, leaving the stresses and worries outside the door. 

Once they wear the footwear, it signals the brain to let go of everything. They can lounge on the couch and watch shows while wearing cosy Olympus men's slippers.

What designs are available at Olympus?

Your loved ones can benefit from a pair of slippers, and getting a 'just because' gift that makes their day better will always remind them of your thoughtfulness. How about checking out the various designs of men's slippers available so you can choose what fits them?


  • Colours


The Olympus mens slippers are available in five relaxing colours: black, blue, brown, grey, and tan. Any colour you give as a gift is a safe choice because these colours are pleasing to the eyes. Did you know that grey helps create a relaxing atmosphere?

Some have the misconception that grey is a dull and boring colour, but it has a soothing and cooling presence, so giving slippers in this colour can help with self-care.

Grey slippers from Olympus will provide the recipient with calm and neutrality, ideal after a stressful workday!

Blue is another colour to consider because it can manage stress. Give your loved ones a pair of blue slippers because they help calm the mind and reduce anxiety. Your friends and family who get this footwear will feel your concern for them and will appreciate the gesture!


  • Size


The men's slippers at Olympus come in the following sizes: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, S, M, L, and XL. Getting the accurate size of the recipient's feet, which is almost always similar to their shoe size, is essential because your gift might go to waste if it doesn't fit them. 

You can ask for assistance in our brand store for a shoe size guide, which can aid you in picking the right gift for them.

Moreover, buying a slipper in bulk won't cause you to go over budget because Olympus has flexible payment systems that allow you to purchase now and pay later. 

You can also opt for an easy search to find the best product. Visit our online stores, which offer a wide range of options where you can check and note discounts, view new products, and enjoy other exclusive services.

More vouchers and coupons are available for online shoppers, so use them to shop for a slipper from the comfort of your home.

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