Keep Your Men's Sneakers White with All These Cleaning Tips

Dirt is the one thing that turns off potential buyers of white men's sneakers. While the community of sneakerheads or collectors of men's sneakers keeps growing globally, one of their constant topics and foremost concerns is how to keep them white.

Maintaining white shoes can be impossible when you take them out in the winter, when inclement weather is the norm and mud is everywhere. But don't let this stop you from growing your men's sneaker collection, as there are ways to get them white again. 

With so many shoe enthusiasts, you can expect people to develop tricks to keep their white shoes pristine longer than new arrivals.

Our team at Olympus would like to share some of their expertise in cleaning white men's sneakers. Let's dive right into it if you're keen to start learning!


Tip 1Remove the Laces

If your footwear has laces, you must remove them first. You can clean the laces by hand or with the rest of the load in the washer. Please place them in a laundry bag or pillowcase before tossing them in the washer.


Tip 2Knock Loose Dirt Off

Knock your shoes together to remove any loose dirt. Do this step outside the house so you won't bring the muck inside. 

Once done, create a space where cleaning your shoes is okay. Put down newspapers to protect your floor or the area from the dirt.


Tip 3Make Your Cleaning Solution

Who says you must make a dent in your budget to keep your sneakers clean?

Your house has a complete package of products you can mix to create a cleaning solution for your shoes. Mix equal parts water and white vinegar in a bowl. 

Apply the cleaning solution with a clean white cloth to your shoes and gently scrub the dirt away. Ensure that you do this before the stain seeps into the material.

Baking soda and water are the best combinations when you need to spot-clean them. Mix half a cup of baking soda and a few teaspoons of water until you've created a paste, then scrub it directly on the stains. Never use this on non-white men's sneakers, as it may discolour them.


Tip 4Use a Magic Eraser

Have you ever heard of this white foam aptly named Magic Eraser because it can remove any mark? With the help of water, start rubbing on the tougher stains. But use this in moderation, as too much use might cause a yellow tinge.


Tip 5White Nail Polish Can Do the Trick

If you think Magic Erasers are excellent, you might be impressed with the white nail polish trick. When your running shoes get annoying scuffs and scratches, use white nail polish to cover them. This handy bottle can last you a long time, unless it expires first.


Tip 6Keep Them Clean from the Onset

Protect your white shoes even before you start wearing them. Upon unboxing, use a water and stain protection spray, which acts as an added layer that prevents them from seeping through the material. 

Once you get home, you can immediately use the vinegar and water mixture on it before the dirt seeps through. Prevention is better than cure, so ensure you reapply weekly, primarily if you use your footwear often. Your white men's sneakers are worth the time and effort.


Tip 7Find a Good Storage  

Leaving it around makes them easy targets for floating dust. Invest in good storage so that you can keep them clean. 

If your place has space for shoe closets or racks, use them for your shoes. However, if you cannot accommodate them, you can store your footwear in shoe bags and hang them behind the door.


Tip 8Wipe After Each Use

Keep the stain or liquid from staying on your sneaks longer than necessary. While an invisible layer from the water and stain protection spray prevents the dirt from seeping through, make it a practice to wipe your shoes after every use.

Once you get home, wipe them before storage. A stain that stays longer becomes harder to remove. Use a clean white cloth and ensure you get all the dirt, even those in hard-to-reach crevices.


Tip 9Never Store Shoes When Wet

Moisture is a breeding ground for bacterial or fungal buildup, so keeping your sneakers dry is necessary. Winter makes your shoes susceptible to inclement weather, so it's essential to dry them naturally when you get home. 

Never expose your wet sneakers to direct heat sources like the sun or heaters. Newspaper is a household item that you can use to hasten the drying process. 

Scrunch them and place them inside the shoes to absorb the moisture. Keep replacing the newspapers if you want to make it faster.


Tip 10Make Your Shoes Smell Good

Avoid smelly sneakers and smelly feet, and leave an excellent, lasting impression on the people around you. What will people think if your shoes emanate a foul odour?

Take advantage of household items like coffee, cloth, and strings to create small packets that absorb the smell. Leave the packs inside it until the next time you use them for absorption.

Add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the packets to absorb the foul smell and leave a pleasant scent that smells like amazing rewards.

Suppose you want an easier way to remove the smell, sprinkle baking soda inside and shake it to spread it around. Leave it overnight. Ensure you shake the baking soda from the shoes the following day.


Time to Apply What You Learned!

Use these tips to maintain a pristine pair of white "mens" sneakers. However, if you feel it's time to replace them, head to the nearest Olympus retailer or the online store to get a new one!

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