How to Style These Olympus Men's Sneakers

Styling and figuring out the perfect outfit combination with men's sneakers are essential because they can make or break your look. But here lies the tricky part. Some people think Olympus men's sneakers are enough to hold their entire look, but it helps to put together an outfit to show off the shoes carefully.

Cohesion is essential, as people look at your overall vibe and how each piece contributes to the whole picture. Sadly, one wrong piece that's out of place can ruin the look. 

But there's no reason to worry, as our team from Olympus is here to help with your men's sneakers styling dilemma.

The incredible thing with Olympus men's sneakers is they can match your existing wardrobe; all you need to do is pull the correct items from your closet and put them all together. You do not need to overhaul your closet at all. 

With our guidance, you'll get to come up with combinations you never thought possible with men's sneakers.

Before starting your styling journey, we have a critical reminder: always be confident. People can get away with what they are wearing with their men's sneakers if they carry themselves well. Let's start!

How do you style slip-on men's sneakers?

Two primary things draw people towards slip-on shoes: ease of use and aesthetics. These men's sneakers are a game changer because you save minutes by not having to tie laces. They are the hallmark of effortless dressing.

And because these men's sneakers look aesthetically pleasing, finding clothes to wear with them is easy. It's time to open your closet and give it a good look to see if you have the pieces we will be suggesting.

  1. Achieving a casual but relaxed vibe is easy with slip-on men's sneakers if you have a red and black gingham long-sleeve shirt and charcoal chinos. You can leave the gingham shirt open over a black round-neck T-shirt.
  2. Cooler temperatures shouldn't stop you from looking great, so pull out a black leather bomber jacket from your closet. It goes well with olive cargo pants and your slip-on shoes.
  3. If you're searching for a business casual look you can wear to work, here are the things you need: a navy button-down shirt and grey chinos. Add in your men's sneakers and accessorise with an oversized wristwatch.
  4. The most straightforward combination includes a dark green collared shirt with blue jeans. It's a no-fuss outfit to wear when running errands.
  5. Be travel-ready by wearing your slip-on men's sneakers with khaki shorts and a striped shirt. Complete the look with shades and a crossbody bag.

There's always been a discussion about wearing socks with slip-on shoes. Our take on this debate is to wear invisible socks from Olympus instead. 

This way, you get to protect your feet from the constant rubbing with the men's sneakers, which may cause blisters, and still look good.

How do you style lace men's sneakers?

Men's sneakers with laces provide the same aesthetic and comfort as slip-on shoes; the only difference is that you need more time to tie and adjust the laces. But that's okay if your foot shape needs a snug and secure fit. 

With laces, you control the tightness of the shoes. In addition, they provide support for people with foot problems. So what are a few minutes when the benefits are bountiful?

Finding clothing combinations that work with lace-up men's sneakers is easy, especially if they are white. Here are some outfit inspirations you may copy.

  1. Lace men's sneakers are suitable for winter and cold weather. Wear denim jeans with a yellow shirt and layer the whole thing with an olive overcoat.
  2. Achieve a no-frills ensemble with khaki chinos and a teal sweatshirt. Then, fold the cuff of your pants.
  3. Are you going out to meet up with friends? Wearing this laid-back combination of olive chinos, a navy plaid button-down, and your men's sneakers will do the trick.
  4. Add a street-style outfit combination by pulling out a white tracksuit from your closet and pairing it with a black cardigan. Then, tie in the look with your lace men's sneakers.
  5. Elevate a classic got-out-of-bed look with a violet shirt jacket and navy sweatpants. Accessorise with a beanie!

Express yourself and your personality with these men's sneakers by tying the laces differently or using different coloured ones. Several tutorials on changing how you can lace your shoes are easily searchable.

Why is styling important?

Think of your style as your distinctive appearance and how others perceive you. They get a glimpse of who you are with what you wear. 

Some benefits of having a good style and knowing how to dress your men's sneakers include increased confidence, empowerment, good lasting impressions, and higher respect.

Knowing you look good increases your confidence and how you relate to people around you. Please think of that one time someone complimented your men's sneakers. Didn't you stand straighter and smile wider after the encounter?

Proper styling makes you look and feel good. When you wear stylish men's sneakers, you'll feel like you can handle anything, whether it's extra work or personal problems.

"First impressions last" is a saying we've heard countless times because it's true. It's challenging to rectify a wrong impression, especially if it made an impact. However, people will never forget when you go to an event without effort. 

As such, keep all our tips on how to wear men's sneakers close at heart. This way, people will know you as someone with taste.

In caring for your style, you will have more respect from yourself and others because you can see the best version of yourself. It doesn't have to be over the top; if you keep yourself presentable and wear your Olympus men's sneakers often, you've got it!

Apply what you learned!

May all our styling tips for men's sneakers help you become a better version of yourself. Head to the nearest Olympus retailer or the online store to grab one now!