How To Rock A Suit With Mens Sneakers

Are you ready to boost your outfit game? If you’re tired of styling dress shoes with suits and you want to try something more daring, then men’s sneakers are the way to go! They’re trendy, comfortable, and a fantastic alternative to traditional mens footwear in 2021.


Today, we’ll do our best to explain why you should leave your formal shoes at home and dress up your suit with wide fit men’s sneakers instead. Now, let’s get into it!


Why Would You Choose Men’s Sneakers Over Dress Shoes In The First Place?


One easy reason to wear wide fit men’s sneakers instead of formal, classic leather shoes is that you want to dress down your look slightly! For example, if you’re heading off to a work function or party and the dress code is something like “formal but relaxed” or “smart casual.”


Then you might not want to go all-out with your formal classic leather attire. However, if you’re conscious of the fact that dressing up in a full suit and dress shoes would be too much for your next event, then we recommend tweaking your look to include men’s sneakers.


After all, training shoes bring a more relaxed vibe to formal classic leather attire. The right pair of men’s sneakers will look stylish with everything. A full suit dress pants and a freshly-ironed shirt on special occasions and their trans-seasonal designer brands design means you can take them out at any point of the year.


What’s not to love about wide fit men’s sneakers like that? But, of course, our training shoes offer long-lasting comfort too, and that’s easy points in their favour. Here at Olympus, we design mens shoes like designer brands that you can wear all day, every day, so it’s no wonder they’re a popular choice from our collection!


Since these are lace-up top sneakers styles, you can loosen or tighten them until they fit your feet perfectly, which means a cosy fit is guaranteed. Plus, we have so many trendy wide fit mens shoes available for your wardrobe in 2021!


We have top sneakers with smooth classic leather-look material, airy mesh lining, snakeskin patterns, contrasting colour panels, and other fun features. So no matter what your aesthetic is, you’re sure to find a pair of mens footwear at Olympus that appeals to your sense of top sneakers style!


Are You Off To An Outdoor Event?


Another reason a guy might want to go for mens shoes instead of dress shoes is that he needs a better grip! Do you have any events coming up in your social calendar that will take you to an outdoor venue?


We highly recommend mens footwear for parties and events in rural or open-air areas. Whether it’s a music festival, a countryside wedding, an influential party in your mate’s backyard, or anything like that, we think that you’ll feel much more secure and comfortable wearing training shoes than dress shoes!


The synthetic material on our mens shoes offers excellent water resistance, so dewy grass, muddy pathways, or a bit of rain won’t trouble your training shoes at all.


Here at Olympus, our tough but stylish casual boots are also an excellent substitute for dress shoes during the colder months especially if you know your event will get hosted outdoors.


Not only do the soles on these provide support and grip that can rival the ones on our mens footwear, but the high-cut ankles will also offer you some extra warmth and protection from the elements. So which type of shoes do you think would work the best for you in 2021?


Try to coordinate the colour of your men’s sneakers!


One of the easiest ways to make your wide fit men’s sneakers match your outfits better is to create links between the colour of your classic slipon shoes, low sneakers and parts of your outfit. For example, do you have a favourite men's and kids jackets, a go-to coat, or a blazer you love to wear when you go out?


If so, you should seriously think about buying mens footwear in the same colour! It’s an easy way to tie your footwear to the rest of your ensemble, and you know you’ll be able to wear them with your best-loved outwear, which is a definite bonus!


While it’s a subtle link between your clothes and wide fit mens shoes, you’d be surprised how effective it can be to make your outfit feel more planned and on-point! What colour is your wallet?


When it comes to accessories, like womens accessories, most people have a favoured colour for classic leather-look items, which means they usually prefer wallets, bags, and other things in tan or black. So if you have a tan wallet, you could easily match that with a set of our brown wide fit men’s sneakers.


Do you think that method would work for you? Before we get ahead of ourselves, we should also figure out which shades mens footwear like white sneaker and sneakers in black  need to look trendy with suits!


Which Colours Work Best With Suits?


Take a look around the Olympus website, and you’ll notice that on top of a fantastic selection of mens footwear, we also have heaps of formal top sneakers styles. As such, we know a thing or two about styling dress shoes and other designs with suits.


While they’re a bit different from mens footwear, how you figure out which pairs work the best with formal,  classic leather attire is primarily the same. So, let’s see if we can help you select the ideal training shoes to wear with your suits!


Wearing black men’s classic slipon sneakers with a black suit is always a safe bet. But, even if your top sneakers style is your timeless black suit with a brightly coloured tie, patterned shirt, or a fashionable pocket square, your casual shoes will be a smart match. Do you prefer suits in modern shades like grey and navy?


In that case, you’d be better off pairing up your outfit with mens shoes in tan or brown. What if you’re only wearing suit pants? If you’re coordinating dress pants with a collared shirt of your choosing, then follow our tips from before.


Wearing wide fit men’s sneakers that match your shirt is sure to look good. You’ll be putting together cool, confident, and trendy outfits in no time!

Are You Ready To Change Up Your Look?


Next time you have a smart casual event, pair your favourite suit or formal, classic leather outfit with trendy wide fit men’s sneakers!