How to Pick Your Perfect Pair of Dress Shoes!

Discover the best men’s dress shoes at Olympus! 2020 was not a great year for parties, weddings, or big social gatherings, and everyone’s trying to make up time in 2021. Is your calendar already brimming with save-the-date notes for events? If you know you’ll be in dire need of men’s dress shoes soon, then the time to shop for styles is now!

Olympus has an impressive selection of classic and modern designs. Something from our selection is sure to catch your eye. Whether you like lace-up, zip-up, or slip-on men’s dress shoes, we can cater to your needs this season. 

Are you feeling a bit out of practice with picking formal styles? Do you want a bit of insight into our men’s dress shoes before you start adding anything into your shopping cart? We’ll give you a quick look at our top designs right now, and see if we can get you inspired before your next browsing session. 


Do you want men’s dress shoes in black or tan? 


Which shade would be your ideal match? Here at Olympus, we design our men’s dress shoes to offer an air of timelessness and sophistication. After all, the right pair of formal footwear can last you for ages, as long as you update the outfit you wear with them. The majority of our men’s dress shoes come in both a black version and a tan (or dark brown) pair, so which shade you choose is entirely up to you.

Do you already have a preference, or would you appreciate a bit of advice about which to get? Let Olympus help guide you to a great pair of men’s dress shoes. Black pairs are traditional, so keep them at the top of your list for formal events, business meetings, and classy venues. A set of dark, glossy men’s dress shoes will always look smart with a black suit. Tan and brown styles can bring a more modern and daring feel to a look, especially if you favour grey or navy suit pants. 

The best part about buying men’s dress shoes from Olympus is that you could easily buy both versions of your go-to pair. With our low prices there to take care of you, why not pick what you like best in two different shades? You’re sure to get your fair share of wear out of them, and you’ll be able to coordinate outfits without a hitch!  


Do you know what sort of venues you’d like your men’s dress shoes to fit? 


Olympus’ formal styles come in a few different designs, and we’ve got something suitable for every sort of setting. Let’s begin with classic men’s dress shoes, shall we? These lace-up styles are fully-enclosed and finish below the ankle, which means they will shield your feet well indoors and outdoors. 

Our trendy loafer styles have a summery design. Since the woven material is partially open, it offers more airflow for your feet. As such, we tend to recommend woven loafers as men’s dress shoes during spring and summer, when the breezy feel can stop your feet from overheating.

Finally, there are also Olympus’ excellent boots to consider too. We think they’re a prime pick for cold days and outdoor venues since the high-cut ankles and complete coverage will keep you warm, dry, and safe from hazards found outside. 

All of our men’s dress shoes are trans-seasonal style, which means you can wear your best pair at any point of the year. Still, every design has its strengths, so think about the potential benefits before you make your selection in 2021. 


Would you prefer to take home a pair made of leather or synthetic material?


You’ll get the best of both worlds when you shop for men’s dress shoes at Olympus! Are you on the lookout for vegan-friendly fashion options, or simply for something that can satisfy your needs this season? 

Olympus has synthetic men’s dress shoes that look almost identical to our leather ones, and at great prices! Artificial material offers excellent airflow, a lightweight feel, and resistance to scratches and water damage. 

Men’s dress shoes that include leather have the best breathability and flexibility of our designs. Which attributes sound the most appealing to you? Before you decide, remember that many of our men’s dress shoes combine both types of materials! Your chosen style might have a leather lining or upper, but the rest of the style will get made with synthetic fabric. As such, you’ll always get the best fit, feel, and experience with our men’s dress shoes, regardless of which way you want to go! 

And remember, Olympus has fantastic prices for all of our styles. Unlike other retailers, who jack up the prices for vegan-friendly men’s dress shoes as though they’re speciality products, we offer the lowest cost items every time! When you shop with us, your wallet won’t feel the pinch if you want to pick up leather or vegan-friendly pairs. 


Once you know what you’re looking for, finding it on our website will be fast and easy! 


Are you a regular online shopper, or is this your first time venturing onto the Olympus website to get men’s dress shoes? Don’t worry because the simple layout makes navigating our website super straightforward. 

First off, if you’re looking for a certain style (like men’s dress shoes), then you can click the dropdown menu from our homepage and head straight into that category. From there, you can scroll down and go through the options at your leisure, or you can use our search filter to refine your results and save time. The search filter is on the left-hand side.

Click on the boxes to select your ideal style, colour, size, and price range for your next pair of men’s dress shoes. The webpage will reload, and then you’ll get to see all of the products in the Olympus range which match your specifications. 

We’ve also got our main search bar at the top of the website for returning Olympus shoppers. If you’re visiting our online store to buy your favourite men’s dress shoes again (maybe in a different colour, this time?), all you’ll need to do is type in the name to get going! 

Now, what about finding footwear in a chosen material? Each of our leather-inclusive styles has a special banner on the top right-hand side of the style image, so you can easily see which of our men’s dress shoes has that label on it as you scroll through the styles. 

In case you somehow missed the banner, then once you’ve clicked on a style, you’ll be able to see what type of material the men’s dress shoes are in the official product description. Do you feel ready to shop at Olympus now? 


The best men’s dress shoes for 2021 are waiting for you online. Today, take a look!