How To Pair Shoes With Any Casual Outfits

Do you want some great styling tips from Olympus today? Lace up shoes for men are a must-have in any guy’s wardrobe, but sometimes it can be challenging to know which outfits work the best with them. 

After all, there’s an abundance of different leather casuals designs available at Olympus in 2021, and sometimes you can get so swept up in picking the right style that you don’t stop to consider what clothes you could wear with them. 

We’ll go over a few of our best-loved casual boots and shoes for you and, hopefully, give you a better idea of how you can coordinate them in an outfit. Shall we get started?

You Won’t Need Any Help With Our Trendy Casual Sneakers!


Sneaker-style casual slip on is some of the easiest designs to pair up with different outfits. For starters, mens relaxed fit sneakers are trans-seasonal, which means they will look as good with your summer wardrobe as they do with your winter attire.

So, there’s never a bad time to take lace up sneakers like these out for a spin! Secondly, they’re always a go-to look with everyday outfits. Finally, your walking shoes will pair up well with clothes in any colour, pattern, or material.

Speaking of colours, finding trendy outdoor play sneakers in a shade that you like won’t be a struggle since they come in many different finishes. We have casual shoes online in navy, black, green, tan, and other timeless colours. Which do you think would make your sense of style? The wide fit sneakers on the shelves at Olympus are not athletic or sporty styles.

However, that doesn’t mean that our mens Skechers inspired shoes don’t share a few key attributes that make trainers such supportive and comfortable mens sport footwear. Our trendy sneakers come with flexible soles, a lightweight feel, slight ankle padding, and an adjustable lace-up design perfect for guys who need a narrow, average, or wide fit.

You’ll be able to spend all day and night in a blazer low like our sneakers. So no matter how many events you have on, which type of errands you need to run, or what sort of exploits you get up to, your trail running sneakers can keep you in ideal comfort for ages! 

Regardless of which of our sporty-looking slip on shoes you add to your shopping cart in 2021, we’re positive that you’ll be satisfied by the endless styling options and enduring comfort mens casual shoes online!

How Do You Style Woven Loafers?


Have you seen any of our textured mens footwear? Of course, woven loafers are our most popular style, but we know that customers can find coordinating an outfit difficult if they haven’t worn something similar before.

Do you wear them with socks or without? Should you wear woven mens shoes with winter or summer outfits? Let us shed some light on the situation and see if we can select outfits to wear with your black leather loafers simpler and more manageable! Firstly, whether or not you wear socks with woven mens shoes is entirely up to you.

During spring and summer, we recommend going without socks. But the small gaps in the sides will provide enough airflow to keep your feet cool either way. Since smart casual shoes do have that extra level of breathability in this look, anyone who gets frost toes during winter and autumn should probably slip some socks on with their woven style!

Should we move on to what kinds of outfits you can wear with woven suede lace? Although on warmer days, they are cool, you’re going for a semi-formal and stylish vibe.

When the weather gets colder, your wild rhino crest inspired shoes are a natural match with skinny jeans, a jumper or long-sleeved shirt, and your favourite jacket, blazer, or outer layer. So, will you be rocking our woven wide fit of slim loafers this season?

Olympus has a slide-on design with square-cut tops or black leather in a classic lace-up look. If you can’t decide on a favourite, then there’s no reason you can’t treat yourself to both styles. After all, our woven classic leather shoes come in navy and tan, so buying one style of woven lace in blue and the other in brown should prevent them from looking too similar.

Get Trendy With Heeled Boots This Winter!


Since we’re heading into winter, it’s only fair that we talk you through how to style leather boat shoe or Chelsea boots like our fantastic boots! After all, whether you prefer classic pull-on boots or dressier lace-up designs, they’re always a staple in a guy’s wardrobe, especially during chilly weather.

So, let’s have a chat about your options for lace waterproof boots during wintertime. Which of our arch fit boots do you think would be best for your collection? If you like being able to customise the fit of your casual leather boot, then our lace-up boots are the way to go! You can tighten or loosen the laces to your liking with ease.

Plus, mid waterproof boots in this biker style have a bold and edgy vibe that we’re sure you’ll love. Pull-on boots from Olympus are also a favourite for customers during winter. The stretchy elastic side panels provide a flexible fit, which means enduring comfort is guaranteed. The glossy finish and semi-formal feel of these lace up boot are also a highlight.

Naturally, you will probably dress in winter basics like jeans, long-sleeve shirts, and a top layer like a jacket or coat. Since our biker boots relaxed fit and chic pull-on boots come in black leather and leather-look material, they will be easy to pair up with anything outfit from your wardrobe.

Men’s leather shoes in a complementary shade like black will pair beautifully with clothes in any colour or shade. Do you prefer black-coloured clothing or ones with bold patterns and prints? Whatever your aesthetic looks like, you can trust that our driving shoes can be the perfect finishing touch to your winter ensemble!

We Hope That Covers It!


If you’re ready to have a look at our collection of shoes online, then jump over to our online store and see what we have on offer today! If you’re still curious about the white sneakers at Olympus, or you’re after more styling tips, then check out the rest of our helpful articles. So, what will it be?