How to Look After Your New Men's Sneakers!

Men's sneakers play a massive role in elevating your daily look and wardrobe. They also ensure your feet remain comfortable and fresh despite all your activities.


Because they take good care of you, you owe it to them to take good care of your sneakers or running shoes. Taking care of your sneakers is imperative if you want them to last longer!


Do you have no idea how to do that? Do not worry because the team at Olympus has got your back! We gathered information on how to take care of your shoes for you. Read them through! Are you ready?


We present how to best care for your new men's sneakers from Olympus!


Treat Them Well from the Start


The most straightforward approach to caring for your shoes is to keep them free of stains and creases, even before using them. Then, purchase a shoe protector and give your brand-new sneakers a good coat for an invisible line of protection.


Stuff Them with Crumpled Newspapers After Each Use


Did you know that an easily accessible item like a newspaper absorbs moisture? Unfortunately, we sometimes have the worst luck and end up with drenched sneakers because of the rain. Additionally, hot summer days can take a toll and make your feet sweat.


You can fix these problems by putting newspapers in your men's shoes to help them dry faster. Doing so also reduces the funky smell.


So many benefits, right?


There's one more! By stuffing newspapers, you can avoid toe creases on your shoes, one of the main reasons that make your shoes look old. So start saving your daily newspaper!


Proper Storage


Dust accumulation is a sure way to destroy your sneakers, so you must store them where they won't gather dust. Invest in a shoe closet if you have the space and the budget. A budget and space-friendly alternative is buying shoe bags, which you can hang on your doors.


One step you should add before storing is putting dryer sheets in your sneakers to keep them fresh. To reduce odours, put coffee grounds in packets and stuff them inside.


Alternate the Use of Your Shoes


Please remember that your sneakers, like humans, need to rest too.


Olympus shoes are so stylish and versatile that we understand your need to use them daily! But if you want them to last longer, we recommend giving them a day to rest and using another pair of sneakers. Resting allows your shoes to dry from sweat or rain.


Handwash Your Shoes


Remember the appliance you bought to make washing easier?


In this case, you cannot use the washing machine when cleaning your shoes. Even though it might be tempting, using the device will hurt the materials and make the stitches fall out.  


Your Laces Deserve Some Loving Too


Your laces are equally crucial as your shoes. However, you can wash them separately since they are independent of the footwear.


Remove them from each shoe, then soak them in warm water with washing detergent. Continue doing it for a couple of minutes until you notice the dirt coming off.


Another way, but more on the lazy side, is to change the look of your shoes by purchasing a new pair of laces from Olympus.


Air Dry Your Footwear


Raise the tongue over the toe box to improve airflow within your shoe while it dries. Once dry, stuff them with newspapers to absorb moisture while in storage.


Deal with the Funk


Sweaty feet and smelly insoles can be bothersome. Address this by removing your shoes' insoles and letting them dry. After that, spray your insoles with a deodoriser or fragrance spray.


You can also choose to wear moisture-wicking socks, which allow moisture to travel along the fibres instead of absorbing it.


Believe in Magic Erasers—They Can Work!


You'll be astonished at how much dirt and scuffing a magic eraser can remove from your shoes. Dip the eraser into a cup of water to remove black scuffs and polish any spots. 


After that, wipe them down with a moist cloth. However, avoid rubbing the eraser on coloured leather to prevent ruining the dye.


Your White Olympus Shoes Need Extra Care—Much Like Your Favourite Brands


You'd want your Olympus pair to look great all the time, just like you'd want your favourite brands, like Adidas men's sneakers! Want to know the secret to keeping your Olympus shoes pristine like brands such as Polo Ralph Lauren, Tommy Hilfiger, Puma, Vans, Reebok, Converse, Nike, Adidas Originals, and New Balance?


If yes, here are some tips on keeping them fresh and spotless, depending on their material:


  • Canvas


Brush white sneakers made of canvas with cleaner mixed with lukewarm water and leave them out to air dry.


  • Mesh 


Mesh is a sensitive fabric, so please avoid using bleach when cleaning shoes made of this material. Instead, use a shoe cleaner or a small amount of mild dish soap diluted in warm water.


Use the cleaner to scrub the filthy shoe gently. Once done, wash your shoes in cold water. Next, try spraying white vinegar on the area and letting it air dry for approximately an hour in the sun if the discolouration doesn't go away.


  • Leather


The three main products you need to clean shoes made of leather are household items: a toothbrush, toothpaste, and warm water. Remove any stains and grime with gentle scrubbing. 


 Get a Long-Lasting Pair of Men's Sneakers From Olympus!


With all the information we shared, you are ready to care for your new men's running shoes from the Olympus collection. You need to purchase a couple or two to have a second one as an alternate.


There are five colours to choose from black, brown, grey, natural, and white.

Head to the Olympus online shop or the stores nearest you! Our flexible payment systems allow you to purchase now and pay later!