How to Keep Your Men's Slippers Looking and Smelling Fresh

Feeling comfortable and cosy are two things we love. Whether it is a cold and rainy day indoors or a relaxing day out and about with family or friends, the feeling of comfort is a must.One way to achieve this feeling is by wearing appropriate clothing to suit the weather and matching it to your fashion sense.


This tip will ensure you feel comfortable throughout the day without compromising your indoor outdoor style. If you have planned to spend a day at home watching Netflix and enjoying some home-delivered goodies, then you will be able to achieve maximum levels of comfort with a pair of men’s shoes casual slippers.


This type of day is perfect to kick back and relax in your mens memory foam slippers without anyone telling you off. Men’s slip on slipper offer plenty of comfort and support, which is perfect for your cosy day at home.


If you love to treat yourself to days like this on the regular, then you may start to notice that your pair of outdoor play slippers are becoming dirty, scuffed, and smelly. If you see these things occurring, then it is understandable that your cosy and comfy feelings can quickly diminish. 


We have gathered some tips and tricks on how to prevent your sheepskin wool slippers from becoming this way. If they do become like this, we have some tips to help fix them up as soon as possible.


Take a read below of our tips on how to keep your comfort mens slippers clean and fresh. We love to help out our Olympus men!


Tip 1 – Baking Powder And Deodorant


This tip may come as a surprise to you, but baking powder and deodorant are two items you can use to keep your pair of house shoe and mens memory foam indoor slippers squeaky clean. These methods can help with minimising or removing odour from your mens shoes.


Using baking powder to clean out your ugg slippers can become quite a messy process, so make sure you set up a mat or some old quilt cover to use.


At first sight of noticing an ugly smell coming from your men’s slipper boots, it is best to get the baking soda ready. All you need to do is place a generous amount of baking soda on the inside of your crossing training shoes or slippers and leave it there for a few hours to absorb.


The baking soda will absorb the odour and leave any unisex shoes all refreshed at the end of the process. Do not forget to clean up the leftover baking soda. We recommend a quick vacuum of the area will do the trick.


If this method does not work, or you do not want to deal with any mess in the house, then we have another solution for you. One thing that causes a bad smell in your mens scuff slipper is the fact that your feet sweat.


This is a known fact and is usually unavoidable. It can be annoying to experience sweaty feet, especially when wearing warm and mens comfortable sheepskin lining shoes.


Our top tip to minimise the amount of sweat that is produced whilst wearing your mens warm lined slipper is to spray some deodorant in the shoe. Just like your underarms, deodorant can prevent you from profusely sweating, and can ensure the sweat does not leave an odour.


Tip 2 – A Few Rays Of Sunshine


A little bit of Vitamin D always seems to save the day. Who would have thought that it could save your pair of slippers mens too?


When you start to notice your mens footwear becoming smelly, it may be time for them to have a quick clean. If you are after a quick fix, all you have to do is place your casual slip-on shoes outdoors under direct sunlight for as long as possible.


This method is useful as the UV rays from the sun can kill bacteria which is what would be causing your slides slippers to smell. Once you get your mens moccasin shoes back, you should be able to notice a difference in the smell. It may not have been eliminated entirely, but the majority of the scent should have gone.


Tip 3 – Citrus Fruits Will Work Wonders


Another little hack that we have found to work wonders on the smell of your men’s slip on sandal is the use of citrus fruits.


This tip may sound a little odd but trust us when we say that using citrus fruits will work. Similar to the baking soda method, you have to grab some orange or lemon peels and stick a few on the inside of the shoes.


All you need to do is leave the peels in the shoes overnight and let the magic happen. Check on your slip on sandal slides in the morning and see if the smell has left the slip on shoes. The peels of oranges and lemons contain natural oils that can help to kill bacteria, so the results should come through in a day or two.


Tip 4 – The Classic Washing Machine


If you find that your men’s scuff slipper are a little worse for wear and are smelling bad, the best thing you can do is run them through a washing machine.


It is a quick and easy method that can almost instantly resolve your (smelly) problems. Once you start to notice your pair of mens classic boot slippers are lingering with a bad smell, all you have to do is throw them in the wash and voila, squeaky clean mid calf fleece lining slippers right at your fingertips.


Tip 5 – Wash Your Feet And Start A Rotation


The most commonly used method when it comes to keeping your men’s mule slippers fresh and clean is to wash your feet. This tip can go unnoticed at times because it can involve a bit of effort and time.


However, it is an effective tactic to use to keep your men’s slippers like australian shepherd in tip-top shape. Wash your feet regularly in between wearing your ugg australian shepherd slippers to avoid any bad smells from arising.


This process may even occur a couple of times throughout the day so, you can eliminate any chance of bad smell building up in your memory foam shoes. Another tip that we would suggest trying out is to start a classic mens slippers rotation.


Get yourself a couple of pairs of men’s sandal slides and use each shoe in a rotating system. For example, one week you might wear your green slides sandals , and the week after you will wear your black leather slippers. This rotation system can help to prevent odour from arising in your pair of sandals shoes. Woohoo!    


Time to freshen up your men’s slippers!


Use some of our helpful tips and tricks to keep your bath slipper and sheepskin wool shoes looking and feeling squeaky clean. You will feel like your current pair of moccasin slipper are suddenly brand new. If your suede slippers are beyond repair, head to the Olympus website and get your hands on some new men’s slippers.