How to Keep Your Men’s Sneakers Whiter for Longer!

Every guy who loves to rock a pair of men's sneakers will understand the struggle of maintaining their colour. Whether your kicks are an all-white design or shining with colour, you will want to know how to keep them clean and crisp. We know that maintaining your pair of men's sneakers is a time-consuming thing, but the benefits will make it all worth it. 


If you are unsure of how to keep your set of men's sneakers squeaky-clean, then you are in the right place. The team here at Olympus, one of your favourite brands store, know exactly what to do when it comes to keeping your set of men's sneakers clean. So take a read below to find out more! 


Tip 1 – Protect outer material 


The first piece of advice that we want to share is that you need to protect the outer material of your men's sneakers. Whether they are an all-white style or super colourful, it is necessary to ensure that the outer material remains intact and clean. 


The best way to protect the outer material is to invest in a spray protectant for your shoes. You may not think to get your hands on this product. But, once you start using it, you will never want to go back! The available shoe protectants for your set of men's sneakers can ensure that the material is kept intact and crispy clean. 


There is nothing worse than buying a new pair of running shoes and then noticing they are suddenly falling apart one week later. Spraying a protective outer spray on your set of men's sneakers will ensure that they hold their shape and will not get damaged after being out in the open.

Rain and dirt are the most common forms of damage to shoes, which is why we recommend investing in this product! 


Tip 2 – Washing machine


For the guys who love to rock a set of all-white men's sneakers, you will love our next tip. To ensure that your kicks stay clean and fresh, you might have to run them through the washing machine. Who would have thought that running these kicks through a washing machine would be a good idea? Well, it is, and now you can protect your men's sneakers too! 


Put your set of all-white men's sneakers through the wash when you start to become concerned with the colouring of the footwear. You will find that sometimes your pair of shoes need to go for a spin in the washing machine to clean them all up. There are times when your shoes are not in the best state, and a wash in the machine might not fix them. 


That is why we recommend cleaning these men's sneakers at a consistent rate. If you have a shoe like HENLEY in your wardrobe, we recommend doing a hand wash instead. A machine wash might mix up the colours and cause your white men's sneakers to change colours completely. 


We also recommend undoing the laces and cleaning them separately. This process will ensure that the colour of your laces matches up with the colour of your kicks. Just remember to keep an eye on your men's sneakers so you can stay on top of the cleaning process! 


Tip 3 – Toothpaste


Guess what? Toothpaste is a holy grail for all things sneaker cleaning! That's right; we have found the perfect hack for you and cleaning your shoes. Toothpaste is the must-have product when it comes to cleaning your set of all-white men's sneakers. 


A pair of white sneakers are perfect for every guy to wear. This tip is even better when they are shiny and clean. You will find that any scuff marks or dirt marks on your set of men's sneakers will come off with ease with a bit of toothpaste and lots of elbow grease. 


Grab a (preferably old) toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste, and start scrubbing your pair of men's sneakers. Once you have finished scrubbing, simply wash your shoes, and voila. Your favourite pair of all-white men's sneakers will look as good as new! It's a win-win in our eyes. 


Tip 4 – Shoe polish


The best way to keep your pair of all-white men's sneakers in tip-top shape is to invest in some shoe polish. This product is perfect for you to use on your kicks. There is nothing better than styling a set of freshly polished all-white men's sneakers with your next fit. 


To maintain the shine on your pair of all-white men's casual shoes, we recommend investing in some shoe polish. You can buff this product into your kicks every time you wear them. There is no better feeling than the one you get from wearing a freshly polished set of men's sneakers. We are obsessed with this footwear style, and we know you will be too. 


Tip 5 – Keep away from light 


Did you know that your shoes can change colour when under direct light? If you are shaking your head no, you are in the right place. We have all the tips and tricks ready and waiting for you. 


You will find that a pair of all-white men's sneakers need to get stored in your wardrobe correctly. We recommend storing your pair of men's sneakers in a dark and cool room to execute this perfectly. Whether it is the garage or your wardrobe, you will keep your kicks protected in this area. If you tend to store your shoes outside or in a lightroom, you will find that your pair of men's sneakers can get discoloured quite easily. 


We know that every guy would prefer to have their set of men's sneakers not get ruined by the natural light. Therefore, keeping your kicks under the shade and in a dark room is necessary to protect them better and maintain the all-white colour.  


Are you ready to get your hands on a new pair of all-white mens sneakers?


Our cleaning tips for your men's sneakers are sure to give you a boost of confidence. You will love how quick, easy, and simple our cleaning techniques are. If you are ready to invest in a new set of shoes, head to the Olympus brand shop website today! Make a new sign-ups account before you purchase.