How To Keep Seriously Cosy This Winter— With Slippers!

Why should you have memory foam slippers in your wardrobe? Olympus is here to tell you! There are many reasons to keep a pair of warm and soft indoor ugg Australian shepherd shoes in your wardrobe.


For starters, Grosby Thurston slippers are the best shoes to wear while you relax on your bed or couch in your pyjamas, loungewear, track pants and lazy-day clothing. With their fluffy lining and cushioned feel, these foam comfort shoes will keep you feeling good for as long as they’re on your feet!


We have a fantastic mens scuff slipper waiting for you this season. But, let’s not get ahead of ourselves. We’re sure you’ll want to hear more about our indoor and outdoor shoe before you start adding anything to your shopping cart. So, let’s have a look at these fantastic casual faux fur lining styles together!


Do You Want To Know Which Mens Shoes Will Be Your Ideal Fit?


We’ll tell you everything you need to know about our cosy indoor Australian shepherd inspired shoes right now! There are two major styles in the Olympus collection: boot-style buck ugg like shoes and slides. Slide-on comfort shoes are the ideal pick for guys who naturally run hot since they offer more air circulation for your feet.


You’ll get to enjoy the feel of the fluffy lining of mens comfortable shoes on the top and bottom of your feet and keep your toes toasty and warm while getting some fresh air on your heels. mens suede house shoes in boot styles are the top pick for guys who can’t stand having cold feet and ankles.


The faux wool lining of our designer brands and fluffy outer material treat you to excellent (and enduring) warmth and cosiness. So what colour would you want your Chelsea boots or jackaroo ugg to be? Here at Olympus, we offer classic black and timeless brown booties, which will instantly match clothing in any colour.


So, feel free to choose whichever matches your aesthetic the most! Did we mention that memory foam comfortable shoes are mens classic footwear for your home office? Have you been working from home a lot this year?


During lockdowns, many guys ended up working from home, giving rise to all sorts of new trends. One of our lockdown outfits here at Olympus was the classic work shirt and tied on the top half with sweatpants and fleece lining slippers on the bottom half. After all, what’s the harm in staying comfortable if no one in your Zoom meeting can see below your torso?


While you’re working remotely, slippers scuff or mens moccasin will keep you feeling relaxed and comfortable during the longest and most hectic days.


Are You Planning A Holiday? Then, Take Your House Slippers Along For The Ride!


We know that overseas travel is decidedly uncommon at the moment. So you probably won’t be looking for cosy outdoor play shoes that can help get you through a snowy American or European winter when all of your local shops are selling sandals.


But, if you’re busy plotting a trip somewhere in Australia this year, then you might want to consider packing some sheepskin slipper along for the journey! These are cosy closed toe shoes for campers and caravaners that you can wear on frosty cold nights.


The soles on our scuff slipper are sturdy enough to handle wear outdoors. So are you and your mates keen to hit the ski slopes at Falls Creek or another one of Australia’s excellent snowfields? After a long day wearing your unyielding ski boots, there’s nothing better than sliding your feet into super-soft, extra wide slippers!


If you’re coming down from Queensland or the Northern Territory, you’ll need to dress warmer than most people this winter since you won’t be used to the cold temperatures of the other states. 


Dialling up the heat in your hotel room can only do so much, and having sheepskin wool indoor slippers there to stop your feet from freezing off will help a lot! And don’t forget— they won’t take up much weight or space in your luggage! Our moccasin slipper are lightweight and easy to squish down (if necessary), so packing them into your suitcase is no trouble!


Before You Go, We Have Some Final Things To Mention About Our Mens Adjustable Winter Shoes!


Firstly, don’t forget that mens scuff slippers can come out of the cupboard during the rest of the year. We know they get hyped up the most during the colder months since that’s prime time for ugg boots and fluffy slides to show up in shops.


But, try to remember that you’ll get more use out of your mule slippers than simply through winter and autumn. If you have tiled floors that make your feet cold in any season, then having cosy sheepskin wool slippers to wear around the house is always going to be beneficial for you.


Secondly, Olympus keeps mid calf shoes in stock at all times of the year! So unlike other retailers, who swap boot slippers out for beach thongs the minute the seasons change, Olympus always has something on offer.


At any point of the year, you can comb through our excellent collection of fuzzy booties and slides to find whatever you need. As such, shopping ‘out of season’ is super easy when you browse online for our slippers mens styles, and you can always find your way to a fantastic pair of leather slippers!


We’re always looking for ways to make shopping with us more convenient. Finally, did you know what mens memory foam indoor shoes and slippers from Olympus are vegan-friendly? That’s right! We create our comfort slip on slippers and shoes without using animal products or by-products, and all of the materials are synthetic.


If you’re looking for one last excuse to treat yourself to our slipper boot, then the fact that they’re environmentally friendly (and a step in the right direction to sustainable fashion) should be all the reason you need!


Come And Find The Ideal Lined Slipper At Olympus This Winter!


We’ve told you all about our different comfort slippers styles, why you would want them, and where you can take these slippers online. The rest is up for you to decide! So have a scroll through our size guide and selection of mens memory foam slippers and see which ones catch your eye.


Will it be a pair of our fuzzy slides or ugg boots for you? Either way, we can guarantee that with slippers with sheepskin lining from Olympus on your feet, you will be ready for the wintery nights ahead!