How To Keep Cosy This Winter – With Slippers!

Now that the cooler weather has well and truly set in, it's time to pull out those winter woollies and get a cosy scuff slipper this winter!


There’s nothing better than coming home from a long, hard day of work and slipping into a cosy pair of warm sheepskin wool slippers.


Shop Olympus’ range of moccasin slipper, and we are sure that you will keep a pair of mens moccasin by the door, be sure to slip into these babies as soon as you come home!


Get Shopping! You Won't Regret It!


Since winter is in full swing, it’s the perfect time to stock up on your footwear favourites, like memory foam comfortable slippers! These versatile buck ugg shoes are the ideal shoes to kick around in around the house.


Not only is it cold outside, but it's chilly around the house too, and instead of cranking on that heater during the day, by slipping into a pair of our cosy boot slippers, you will instantly be warmed.



Imagine, after a long day of work, putting your feet up in these mid calf footwear favourites and breathe a sigh of relief as you relax into a pair of fluffy comfort slippers and sink into the couch for the evening!


With soft, fluffy, cloud-like foam comfort designs, you will be spoilt for choice with Olympus’ mens suede slippers collection.


At Olympus, we’ve handpicked some of our favourite mule slippers that we are sure you will love this winter. So, without further delay, take your pick and slip into comfort mens scuff slipper. Trust us, from the moment you slip these slippers scuff on. You won’t be taking them off.


Cue, Winter Hibernation Begins Now!


So, without further delay, let's get stuck into the different styles of men’s slippers that

Olympus has on offer…


You Can’t Go Wrong With Slippers Mens Pair Of Slip-On 


It's time to kick back and relax in a classic pair of mens memory foam indoor slip-on slippers. As soon as you walk through the front door, slip into a pair of memory foam slippers and float off to heaven.


The beauty of this classic mens style is its simplicity, simply kick off your work boots and slip straight into these soft mens scuff without fiddling with getting the back of your heels into the shoe. These leather slippers are the perfect everyday mens adjustable slippers to relax around the house!


Since this ugg Australian shepherd like shoes is built with soft fluffy fur on the whole inside of the shoe, they are made to give you the best comfort and warmth, which is precisely what you want from a pair of Australian shepherd!


As much as you may be tempted to, we don’t recommend you take these indoor slippers out and about to run errands, although if you do have to step out of the house (and by stepping out, we’re talking about picking up your Uber Eats order waiting at your front door!)


Then you can most definitely do so in these jackaroo ugg shoes! These slip-on's feature a rubber sole with fleece lining, which makes them suitable for quick trips outside and the interior features a warm, soft lining with a fluffy fabric finish.


You will always enjoy the light and flexible feel of these mens comfortable slippers; these shoes will keep your feet warm and cosy all winter long!


Classic Ugg Boots!


These slippers with sheepskin lining differentiate from the usual slip-on style commonly worn around the house. So, if you are looking for something more substantial in a pair of house shoes, then look no further than the classic ugg boots!


Our comfort mens boots will most definitely keep your toes warm and toasty all winter long! Slightly different to our slip-on styles, these ugg's feature a higher profile coming up to your ankle, meaning they will keep your whole foot warm, right up to your ankles.


Now That’s Maximum Comfort And Warmth!


Simply slide into these babies and enjoy the soft fluffy lining of these closed toe boots. If you have cold feet after a long day on the tools, then our comfy ugg boots are the perfect remedy.


What’s great about these slipper boot is that they are slightly more durable than our slip-on sheepskin wool slippers designs. Meaning you can sport these shoes outside of the house too!


Although we don’t recommend rocking up to the next pub dinner in these slippers online, you can still sport them to your more laid back outings.


For example, if you need to run out to the supermarket for some last-minute groceries or a chilled Friday night with your mates watching the game, then go for it!


These ugg boots are comfy and durable, so why not kick back at a mate’s house in your favourite shoes? Make yourself feel right at home!


Since these extra wide shoes come in two popular colours, you will be spoilt for choice! Choose from a classic tan ugg boot colour or a basic black. Regardless of the colour you choose, you know that they boast maximum comfort.


Although, with these low prices, why not get both colours? Since they will be one of the most worn outdoor play shoes in your wardrobe this winter, why not get them in every colour?


Olympus’ Affordable Prices


Unlike popular ugg boot brands that sport sheepskin lining, they are still sheepskin, however fluffy and warm they may be. So save your hard-earned money and pick up a pair of synthetic-made outdoor shoe instead from Olympus.


Even though they aren’t the ever-popular sheepskin made ugg boots, you can guarantee that these mens memory foam shoes are just as soft and comfortable as the real deal for a quarter of the price.


Do Yourself A Favour!


The next time you are shopping for some lined slipper, or better yet, stop putting holes in your socks by walking around the house shoeless in wintertime and head over to Olympus and find your perfect fluffy mens shoes favourites right here!


These winter warmers will provide you with warmth, support and comfort all day long. It’s all the things you could only hope for in mens go walk slippers!


Whether you are shopping for a new pair or are new to the house shoe game and are becoming weary walking from room to room baring the cold, then a pair of mens classic shoes may be just what you are looking for!


Shop our slip-on or ugg boot style house shoes with our size guide at Olympus today and get cosy this winter!