High Heels, Block Heels And Platforms… Which Style Best Suits You?

Which type of heels will suit you the best? This is a question that has confused and confounded ladies for ages. But today, Spendless Shoes is here to shine a light on the different types of heels you can find in our collection and see if we can guide you to your perfect match.


We'd love to help you discover the shoes of your dreams at Spendless this year. And, luckily for you, our friendly team has been guiding customers to their perfect pairing for decades, so we have a great idea of where to start.


During the next part of this article, we'll pose a series of questions to help you figure out what sort of womens heels you will find the most comfortable and the most beautiful! There's a lot to get through, so let's begin!


What types of heels offer the best support and stability?


Even if you aren't entirely sure — flat shoes, mid heel,  mule heels, toe heels, pump heels, kitten heel, heels pump, low heel, peep toe heels, stiletto heels, platform heel — we think you'll have an idea about what we're going to say! When it comes to the cosiest platforms, block heels and wedges are the most supportive, and stilettos and pumps tend to be the trickiest to move around on. Styles with broad bases offer the longest-lasting comfort because they provide you with a bigger platform to balance when you move and stand.


Block heels also spread your body weight evenly through your legs and ankles when you wear tall styles, preventing strain from building up in your legs. Stilettos and other skinny styles offer the least support because you have to balance on a single tiny point. The higher your heels are, the more pressure you place on your feet.


We also have a selection of womens boots like flat boots, ankle boots, heeled boots, leather boots, lace up boots, sock boots, stretch boots, western boots, knee-high boots, combat boot that are available with block heels.


If you struggle to make it more than a few hours in strappy heeled, peep toes, or platform shoes, then you need to shop for flat sandals, heel sandal, or flatform sandals that have a shorter incline. Of course, there are ways to safeguard your comfort if you suspect your heels might be more challenging to wear than your usual strappy sandals.


At Spendless, we have a complete selection of shoe care accessories that you can add to your shoes to boost comfort and support.


You can use our gel grips and innersoles to cushion your feet, absorb regular shock as you step, and keep you feeling your best in a new set of heels. Suppose you've selected a pair of platforms that are a lot higher than what you'd usually wear. In that case, you can think of these foot care inserts as a security blanket.


Our gel grips and half innersoles are ideal for heels with open designs. Still, keep in mind that if you're wearing one of our subtle white or black innersoles, people won't be able to see that you have them because your feet will keep them covered up. So, don't hesitate to order some useful accessories with your next pair of heels.


What kinds of outfits do you want to be able to wear with your new heels?


Is there a specific event you're buying these shoes for this season? Do you need heels that can be the finishing touch to a certain outfit? Knowing where and how you plan to take your new platforms can help you find styles way more quickly. Let us offer up a few suggestions for heels you can wear for different occasions. Ladies who need an everyday pair of heels online to wear with their favourite jeans and t-shirts will love our mules and slip-on styles.


Do you need a set for your work wardrobe? Sling-back and cake-stand heels are the current favourites with our customers. If you're shopping for wedding shoes or bridal shoes, or other formal events, then classic dress shoes with sparkly diamante decor or minimal straps are an easy go-to option. Boot heels are a popular pick for our New Zealand customers, given how fickle the weather can be over there.


You'll be glad to have extra coverage for your legs on a windy Wellington day or a chilly night out with friends at one of Auckland's rooftop bars! We could go on and on forever if you'd let us, but we don't want to overwhelm you with too many options. Hopefully, this is enough to give you a starting point.


Now, what about noteworthy trends and shoe materials?


Take a look at the Spendless heels online collection, and you'll notice that our heels have heaps of variation. One design can come in a plethora of colours, so there's something to suit every woman's sense of style. (Don't forget to check out our online exclusive!)


Our smooth leather-look material is a popular choice, but so are our soft faux suede and shiny metallic heels. Do you like a pair of black or black leather nude leather shoes with a textured look and feel? Crocodile and lizard print are all over our heels this season, and raffia material is a massive hit on our wedges and platforms.


 If you love simple colours that can match with anything, then you'll love our black patent, nude heels, and white heels. Still, if you want more colourful shoes, you could try blue, pink, green, red, purple, or other eye-catching shades. What kind of finish would you want on your heels?


Are you ready for your next shopping trip?


We hope you've reached this point of our handy article with a fresh list of must-have features to guide your next shoe browsing session. We've discussed which types of heels will offer the best support and stability and what kinds of outfits you'll be able to wear with different designs.


We've told you about aspects of platforms that might compromise your comfort and ways to get around those issues. We've also gone through the noteworthy trends on 2021's best heels and the materials you can choose from this season. Now, it's up to you to make the final selection. Figuring out which heels work the best for you is a matter of trial and error in most cases.


Until you start experimenting with different designs, you won't know for sure whether or not they'll suit your feet, your aesthetic, or your lifestyle. So, don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone and try a trendy new pair of heels this season.


The womens heels online at Spendless Shoes are so affordable that you can always feel free to give something from our New Arrivals section a go!