Get Ready for the Cooler Months With Some Men's Slippers From Olympus

Hello winter, the cool change is well and truly here! You are in the right place if you love to get cozy and stay warm throughout the cooler months. Here at Olympus Shoes, we have gathered some comfortable and wearable styles of footwear that can take your winter look to the next level. 


That's right; you guessed it! Our collection of men's slippers is a must-have in your life. You can never go wrong with a set of these kicks in your life. If you want to look and feel your very best throughout the winter season, then our range of footwear is the one for you.

Visit our brand shop and make the most of this fashion style during winter, and style your favourite pair of footwear with your everyday look.


These shoes are perfect for you to wear all day and night long. So keep reading if you are ready to get your hands on these kicks! 


Style 1 – Open-toe


Treat yourself this season to a new pair of open-toe men's slippers. This footwear is a must-have in every guy's wardrobe. You will find that these kicks are super easy to wear and can slip on and off your feet with ease. 


You will never go wrong with a set of these kicks in your life. Our range of open-toe slip-one is very similar to slides. You can wear these kicks everywhere you go.

So whether it is a quick run to the shops or an afternoon walk with the dog, you can trust that your open-toe slip-ons will take you there in comfort and style. Of course, our footwear comes in many colours such as brown, grey, etc.


The best way to wear these kicks is when you are spending a relaxing day at home. Throw some socks on your feet to add an extra layer of comfort when wearing these slip-ons. We know you will love wearing a set of these kicks just as much as we do!

Stay in touch, sign up for free at our online shop for exclusive offers and access. Both women and mens can wear these slippers.

So take this as a sign to make this pair of footwear your first order for its amazing benefits at our brand's store at a great price. We offer free delivery or free shipping on orders over $50.

We love to shop for our favourite top brands, and we are here for you, Olympus Shoes, to support you every step of the way. We have selected styles of men's slippers that we know you'll want to wear for a relaxing day.

Style 2 – Closed-toe


Get your hands on some closed-toe slippers this season. You will instantly fall in love with these shoes by your side. Our closed-toe kicks are super versatile and comfortable to wear from morning until night. In addition, you will love that you can slip into these kicks in the morning and not take them off until the end of the day. 


This footwear is perfect to wear when lounging around the house and spending a day completing your housework. The closed-toe design ensures that your feet are protected and warm all day long, similar to polo ralph slip-on. In addition, the thick sole and cozy inner material will keep you coming back for more. 


This footwear is super comfortable that you will want to invest in more than one pair. So why not get a BARRY set for your next men's footwear match?

These comfortable closed-toe kicks will be a wardrobe staple this winter. Check out more of our items below and pick a pair of footwear that is suitable for you.

You could also search for your new pair of kicks in our categories and filter for easier access. In our filter section, you can see the size guide and available colours such as black and tan.


Style 3 – Ankle-high


Slip into a pair of comfortable slippers this winter season! You will love wearing a pair of ankle-high kicks with your next look. The best thing about this footwear design is that you can wear them inside and outside the house. Ankle-high footwear is as comfy as ugg boots so that you can wear them for a long day.


You will never go wrong with a set of this ankle-high footwear in your life. There is nothing better than wearing your new favorite kicks out and about. You will find that with a pair of ankle-high slippers, they offer a rubber sole and thick outer material. So you can easily face the cold breeze and wet weather, all thanks to these slippers on your feet. 


Layer up the comfort and style with a set of these ankle-high slippers with your favourite tracksuit or jeans and an oversized hoodie. You can even wear these with your pyjamas! The options are endless with a set of these slippers in your life. 


Style 4 – Mid-high


If you are the type of guy who feels the cold quite easily, you will love what a pair of mid-high slippers can do for you. These are the ultimate set of kicks that every guy needs in his life. You will love how comfortable, stylish, and wearable a pair of these shoes are. 


The mid-high slip-on is super versatile as well. This tip means you can wear these kicks everywhere you go. So whether you have to run errands all day or an afternoon dedicated to family time in the park, you can trust that your mid-high slippers will take you there in comfort and style. 


These kicks feature a hard rubber sole, so you will never have to worry about wet footwear during winter. Instead, keep your feet warm with this footwear similar to ugg boots and Grosby uggs.

Finally, FREEZE is our go-to set of mid-high slippers because they are thick, comfortable, and super cozy on your feet. We know you will love these kicks just as much as we do! 


Style 5 – Fluffy innersoles


Our collection of men's slippers is hard to beat. You will never go wrong with a pair of these shoes in your life, especially if they have fluffy innersoles. 


You will find that some slippers do not have this fluffy innersole and instead offer a soft, thin lining. If you hate the cold and need to feel comfortable all day long, then a pair of our slippers with fluffy innersoles will be your new favourite shoes. 


This footwear will feel so soft and warm on your feet that you never want to take them off. These slippers are a winter wardrobe staple every year! This footwear is too good to resist, so get ready to pay for your checkout at a great price.


Style 6 – Knee-high 


We have the perfect set of men's slippers for the men who love to stay comfortable and warm all day long. If our selection of mid-high shoes is not enough, then our range of knee-high men's slippers will surely tick all the right boxes. 


There is nothing better than getting your hands on these kicks. You will love how knee-high men's slippers can keep your feet super cozy and comfortable throughout the day and night. 


Pair these shoes with your favourite pyjamas or a set of tracksuit pants for you to wear the entire winter season!    


Have you found the perfect set of shoes for you?


If our collection of men's slippers has ticked all the right boxes, then you are in for a treat. You can never go wrong with a set of these kicks in your life. With a pair of slippers by your side, your feet will look and feel super cozy all day long. Head to the Olympus website today and press 'add to cart ASAP!