Every Guy Needs These 5 Sneaker Styles In Their Closets

Update your shoe collection with the essentials this season! Olympus has an enormous collection of hightop sneakers and other styles on offer in 2021. However, with so many designs of classic slipon shoes to choose from our online store, we understand if it can be a bit overwhelming to try and narrow down your options.


So, let Olympus do the hard work today. We’ll talk you through our selection of men and womens footwear and tell you about five styles that we think are must-haves for every guy’s wardrobe. Then, hopefully, you’ll have a better idea of what type of trainers you should have on your shopping list this season. 


So let’s get started, shall we?

You Can’t Go Wrong With Classic Mens Sport Sneakers!


Pick any pair of essential leather in dr martens-inspired design, and you’ll be set for the year ahead! Our classic white sneaker at Olympus is slim trainers but are now available in colours like black and brown, khaki green, navy, grey, and other complementary shades.


This trendy mens footwear will look fantastic with any outfit you pair with them since it’s almost impossible to clash with those colours. Moreover, since our running shoe and leather sneaker are lace-up designs, they’re easy to readjust to your ideal comfort.


It doesn’t matter whether you need a narrow, average, or wide fit for your dress shoes because you can lace them until they fit your feet perfectly. One of the best parts about training shoes like these is that they’re trans-seasonal.


You can wear these trainers with everything from jeans, long-sleeve shirts, and winter coats to summer shorts and t-shirts. So, if you pick a fantastic pair of lowtop sneakers up from Olympus, you know you’ll get your fair share of wear out of it.


Liven Up Your Look With Contrasting Mens Court Shoes!


Do you want a more stylish pair of casual shoes on your feet this season? Along with classic black-coloured hi tops sneakers, Olympus also has trendy mens shoes with different tones and textures.


These include pairs with darker or lighter panels on the sides and ones with laces in shades that contrast with the primary colour of the shoes. Don’t underestimate how much a trendy colour scheme can make mens sneakers online look more modern and fun.


Grab a pair of these top sneakers trends from our collection this season, and you can instantly give your go-to outfits a style boost. This season, you can dress your Fred perry shoes up with jeans, your favourite shirt, and a leather jacket, and you’ll look ready for a catchup with your mates, a family dinner, a party, or any semi-formal event.


Come And See Our Sporty-looking Canvas Sneaker!


These lightweight styles look like sportswear and traditional trainers, but they’re still trendy casual shoes!


Men’s sneakers in Asics gel design have thicker soles and a narrower fit through the toes. The extra padding on the soles will treat you to support and comfort just like Nike air max excee, so wearing them all day long is never a challenge.


Like many other mens air max designed sneakers in our collection, these are shoes with airy mesh material and a lace-up design. It should go without saying that you can expect reliable comfort for outdoor play trainers like these.


Are you looking for home gym sneakers that you can wear with your favourite gym clothes and athleisure wear? Well, you’re in luck because our sporty-looking trainers are a natural pairing with any activewear and activity trackers.


Your Wardrobe Needs A Pair Of Adventure Shoes!


Did you know that Olympus has Adidas mens look-alike sneakers that you can take on camping trips, hikes, and other outdoor expeditions? 


It’s true! If you’re always looking for excuses to get out of the city and explore new horizons or love going on trips with your family or friends, then our durable air max infinity should be on your shopping list!


So, how do air max styles differ from Olympus’ low mens trainers, you ask? Well, select footwear like our hiking shoes come with a plethora of extra safety and support features. There’s extra padding around the ankles to protect your joints and ensure that you can seal the top of your shoes; handy for keeping foliage, sand, dirt, rocks, and water out of your shoes.


The tough soles on these court vision low men's sneakers have grooves to off superior grip on all kinds of surfaces. So whether you’re taking on a sandy or rocky track, a campsite with prickly bushes and loose stick aplenty, or treacherous mountain terrain, these shoes will help you stay sure of your footing.


Plus, with built-in arch support, elastics laces, and robust material, you can count on our cupsole sneaker to keep you comfortable and safe during your next adventure. So, if you’ve got a date with nature anytime soon, you’d better get our hiking shoes!


Grab A Slide-on Style For An Easy Fit!


Do you need men and womens sports shoes that you can wear around the house, shed or garden? Then, treat yourself to the ultimate ease of wear with our slide-on designs. Instead of wasting time fiddling with laces, you can pull these wide fit sneakers straight on or off your feet.


If you’re looking for a pair of shoes that you can keep by the backdoor year-round, then our slide-on trainers are sure to satisfy you. However, when you need easy mens accessories for your sneakers to wear on your common projects while you do your gardening or tinker around in the shed, then you’ll find your ideal match in this collection.


Would you like to hear more about these designs? Some of our slip-on and wide fit sneakers come with breathable top mesh and flexible soles. These airy styles are sure to treat your feet to a cosy fit whenever you put them on.


Soft recycled canvas like these are great walking shoes, thanks to their excellent bottom tread. However, if you want slip-on shoes that are a bit sturdier this season, then Olympus also has some excellent alternatives. 


Our sturdier synthetic designs come with elasticised top gussets, which means you can sling them onto your feet in seconds, and they’re a stellar pick for guys who need tougher men’s sneakers.


Which ones do you think will suit your needs in 2021?


With Olympus’ affordable prices, you can afford to get sneakers in all 5 of these styles available in all footwear size! So treat yourself to a new pair today!