Casual Shoes Perfect For Everyday!

Discover your ideal men’s casual shoes at Olympus! Our everyday styles will keep you looking your best on your busiest and most laid back days. Now, let’s get to it! We’ve got so many men’s casual shoes to tell you about today! 


Everyone needs a pair of sandals or slides in their collection!


When it comes to men’s casual shoes, these summertime pairs are foundational. Let us walk you through a few of the best at Olympus! Our dual-buckled sandals are a favourite pick with customers. Have a look at the men’s leather casual shoes in this design, and you’ll see the grooved tread and comfy contoured footbeds, which will support and cushion your feet flawlessly.


While these slides are just as breathable and airy as our other sandals, they provide superior cushioning for your feet. If you’re searching for men’s shoes that you can wear all day long when the weather is hot, then we highly recommend setting your sights on our dual-buckled sandals.


Do you need something waterproof? Maybe the men’s footwear on your shopping list are ones that you can wear down at the beach, by the pool, or don’t need to worry about getting wet! We have two fantastic types of waterproof sandals for the job at Olympus!


Firstly, there are our classic beach thongs. These simple slides are lightweight, look fantastic with your swimwear, and they’re a must-have in spring and summer.


During the rest of the year, you can keep these men’s shoes by the backdoor, and you’ll always have something easy to slip into for a trip into the backyard or garage. The second type of sandals that we have for you are our reef-walkers. These robust men’s performance shoes come with touch-fastening straps on the top and the back heel for a more secure fit.


The grooved tread on our men’s casual shoes in this design will protect your feet from sharp rocks, shells, and spiky foliage, so they’re the ideal pick for any outdoor adventure.


Boat shoes and loafers are much-loved looks too!


Do you like men’s shoes with trendy detailing? A sophisticated set of loafers or everyday boat styles is sure to put a smile on your face! Our loafers are the dressed-down versions of traditional formal techniques, with their sleek shaping and lace-up (or square-cut) tops.


Loafers from our range of men’s leather shoes come with woven texture on the sides and top for an extra trendy vibe. They’re a hot pick for spring and summer, but you could quickly wear our loafers for family games or outdoor play in winter and autumn with skinny jeans or dress pants.


 Now, how about our boat-style men’s casual shoes? Anyone who appreciates slide-on footwear with a flexible feel and laid back aesthetic will enjoy these! Our boat-look men’s shoes have features like stylish stitching, laces that loop through the sides, and pin-punched material. They’ll be a trendy addition to any guy’s collection. And remember— socks are optional with both of these designs!


You can’t go wrong with trendy trainers and sporty-looking men’s casual shoes!


Now, if you’re familiar with the Olympus range, then you’ll know that we have an impressive collection of activewear, including speciality items like hiking boots. However, we’ll only be focusing on sneakers that qualify as men’s shoes for this article.


These cross training shoes are slim, lightweight, and come in aerodynamic shapes, but they’re built for long days of standing, and running errands, not playing sports or working out at the gym! Still, like our sporty sneakers, these men’s lace up shoes are trans-seasonal and perfect as driving shoes or walking shoes during any time of the year. They will look as good with your favourite shorts and t-shirts as they will when paired with jeans and warm jumpers!


As we mentioned before, low mens sport shoes shoes like these bring long-lasting comfort. If you’ve got a hectic day coming up, anticipate a lot of walking or time spent up on your feet, or you simply need something with reliable support, then our sneakers should be your go-to!


While we have men’s styles at Olympus that are slip on shoes, we also have lace up sneakers. Since you can adjust how loosely or tightly the laces are tied, you’re in complete control over the fit of your mens sneakers.


Regardless of whether you need men’s casual shoes with a narrow, average, or wide fit, you can customise our sneakers to match! Now, would you like to hear what kind of colours Olympus has available for these men’s shoes in 2021?


We have a whole host of shades on the shelves, including navy, green, grey, and everyone’s favourite black-and-white designs! With so many fantastic designs at your fingertips, we’re positive that you’ll find something in the Olympus range that matches your aesthetic!


Don’t forget that you can dress up your men’s casual shoes!


Obviously, for the most part, your trendy trainers and stylish sandals that are also available in wide fit and larger sizes will come out on laidback days. But that doesn’t mean that your men’s casual shoes can’t find their way to a semi-formal venue, party, or function.


Adding one of these pairs to a smart formal outfit can give it a relaxed and confident vibe, just like dress shoes.


If you’re not entirely sure what kind of venue that you’re walking into, then put away your dress boots and put on men's casual boots such as lace up boot and ankle boots styles that can stop you from looking overdressed but smart casual!


Would you like an example of what we mean by that? If you pair up your men’s casual shoes with a neat collared shirt, dark pants, and a matching jacket or blazer, you can gauge the dress code once you’ve arrived at the event and adjust your outfit accordingly. Is everyone else dressed in suit jackets and formal wear?


Set your laid-back jacket aside so that your collared shirt is on display, or leave your blazer to maintain that formal vibe. You’ll find that happy middle-ground for your ensemble in no time! There are a thousand and one ways to coordinate a semi-formal outfit with men’s casual shoes, so have a little fun with it!


Come and find your perfect pairing at Olympus today! Check out our mens new arrivals!


The men’s shoes in our collection are guaranteed to please. You should also check out or shoe care line as your shoe collection needs to look sleek and clean, too! Use our size guide to know the best fit!

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