Casual Kids Shoes – What Are Your Options?

When you're trying to purchase casual shoes for your kid what are your options? Spendless has a massive range of casual kid's shoes for you to choose from!


If you head to our Spendless shoes website, we have a dedicated area for kids shoes which includes submenus for girls and boys and even first walkers. If you are trying to find a great casual kids shoe in the girls' section, you will find our heading of casual which includes a range of flats and other great casual kids shoes. The best type of casual kid's shoe is usually something that gives a little more support to your child such as a sneaker which includes comfort for all day walking. If you are looking for something a bit dressier, then a great comfort kids shoe would still be found under our girl's casual menu which would be ballet flats. You can wear your ballet flats all day with a dress and will make any outfit look a little dressier than a pair of sneakers.


For the boys, we also have a menu section which has a range of kids casual styles for them which can be found here. There are many styles in here which range from a casual sneaker to skate sneakers and even more comfort based shoes. All of the shoes in this section are great for comfort and casual wear for your little one. We also have our side tools which allow looking for size, colour and brand.
If you are trying to locate a comfortable sneaker, you can also use our sneaker menus in the girls and boys section. A sneaker Is always a great addition to a wardrobe and is a great casual kids style to add to any outfit whether that be walking for the entire day or just going out shopping or to the movies.

Another option you have looking for a casual kids shoe if you are looking for something a little more beach style could be in our sandals range. Our sandals can be found here for girls and here for boys, and we have a great variety of styles which suit every occasion whether that be going for a day at the beach or park to just something to wear casually to see family.

Sizing Chart

If you are unsure of sizing of the shoes for your little one, our Spendless website is dedicated to helping you purchase the right shoes, and on our website, you can find our size chart which allows you to look at our Spendless sizing against the US, UK and EU.


If you do locate a pair of shoes and you are happy with them there are a few ways that you can purchase them. You can buy online using our website where you also have three shipping option which can be found here. If you would instead like to try the shoes on before you buy, we also have a store locator which can be found here. Our store locator is a great way to find any one of our 220 stores around Australia which you can visit to try on your shoes to ensure they are a great fit.
Overall trying to find a pair of casual kids shoes for your little ones should not be hard and with our Spendless website in no time, you will see one if not two pairs perfect for casual wear every day!