A Men's Guide to Mastering a Casual Look in Sneakers

Do you love to take pride in your fashion sense? If you are nodding yes, then you have come to the right place.  Guys who love to express themselves through their fashion and style is something many people admire. It can feel challenging to master any look for guy's, but those who pull it off are ones to look to for inspiration. 


The team behind Olympus love to seek inspiration from other creative sources and guys who show the world their unique and super cool fashion sense. We are always blown away by the cool looks that they display. 


If you are looking for some more fashion inspiration and how you can master a casual look in a pair of men's sneakers, then keep on reading. Ditch your nike, tommy hilfiger and converse, then switch to these new styles. There is something about men's sneakers that captivate guys' out of their fashionable side of life. 


These kicks can offer a simple and effective way to transform anyone's look thanks to a stylish pair of shoes. There are so many ways to style a pair of men's sneakers as well, so you can go from day to night with ease. 


We have gathered some of our favourite styles of men's sneakers and conjured up a few tips and tricks on styling them to create the perfect casual look. Keep on reading to find out more!   


Style 1 – Canvas Kicks


Men's canvas sneakers are the style of shoe that every guy needs in their wardrobe as soon as possible. If you do not already own a pair of these kicks, you need to invest in some. 


These men's canvas sneakers are super stylish, versatile, and comfortable, so you can easily find an outfit to go with these kicks. Men's canvas sneakers come in a range of colours and designs, which allows you to explore your creative side when you style your next casual look. 


Our go-to look when wearing a pair of men's canvas sneakers is to style them with a set of chinos, an oversized t-shirt, and a denim jacket. This super casual look can get worn to a casual family lunch or a day full of running errands. 


No matter what event you have, this super laidback outfit will be the perfect style to wear. Your feet will get so supported in your pair of men's canvas sneakers that you can easily play a quick game of basketball with some mates along the way. 


Style 2 – High-Tops 


Say hello to a pair of funky high-tops. If you are looking for a way to elevate your casual look, then some men's sneakers are the way to go. 


High-tops are stylish pairs of kicks that have taken inspiration from top basketballers over the years. Basketball players originally wore high-tops to play a game in because of the support and comfort features of the shoe. 


These men's sneakers have taken centre stage in the world of fashion and are now a popular style of shoe to wear. There are celebrity basketballers who have endorsed this trend by bringing out their very own collection of high-tops. 


It really cannot get much better than this. If you want to rock a pair of these men's sneakers, then a simple, laidback look will have you sorted. High-tops look great with just about any outfit, so you will not need to worry about your style with these kicks. 


For a casual look, style these high-tops with some denim jeans and an oversized hoodie. If you want to wear your high-tops with a classier look, then you can pair these kicks with a button-up shirt and your favourite jeans. Don't forget the cologne to tie it all together, dude! 


Style 3 – Block Coloured Kicks


Are you ready to make your mark in the fashion world? Why not try out a pair of block-coloured men's sneakers. These kicks will become the statement piece of your casual look, so make sure you choose wisely. 


Block-coloured men's sneakers can come in a range of bold or subtle colours, which means you have plenty of freedom with your styling options. We love to see block colours of black and white featured on men's sneakers as they can brighten up a look or tone it down where you see fit. 


All-white men's sneakers can give your casual look that bright, vibrant, and coastal vibe, perfect for warm days and cool nights. You will find plenty of clothing options that go perfectly with these shoes.  If you prefer to wear a range of bright-coloured clothes, then a pair of all-black men's sneakers may tickle your fancy. These kicks are perfect for you to style with bright clothes to balance out the colours. 


All-black men's sneakers are also perfect to wear with dark-coloured clothes if that is the vibe you are going for. Cool, calm, and collected never looked so good!


Style 4 – Super Cool Patterns


Take your casual look to the next level by wearing a pair of patterned men's sneakers. This trend is making a comeback on the fashion scene, with many shoe styles now featuring a range of cool patterns. Patterns on men's sneakers can appear in graffiti-like designs or a range of edgy shapes and drawings. This trendy look is for those who feel comfortable trying out a new look out of their comfort zone. 


If you enjoy testing boundaries and exploring upcoming trends, then these men's sneakers are perfect for you. These shoes are the headline of any casual outfit you put together, so make sure your clothes do not clash with the footwear. 


Patterned men's sneakers will become your new go-to shoe if you love to rock a unique look. 


Style 5 – Trainers  


Keep things casual with a pair of trainers. These men's sneakers are the perfect style of shoe to wear for the days where you do not have time to think about your look but have so many places to be. These kicks offer you versatility, comfort, and style all in one. 


Trainers are generally thought to be an exercise-only style of men's sneakers. But, because athleisure is becoming a popular fashion trend, it gives guys the chance to flex their latest activewear to others. 


A pair of trainers can take you from your morning run straight to a coffee with your mates at the local café. There is never a bad moment to wear your favourite pair of trainers as your casual, day-to-day look. 


Style 6 – Slip-On Men's Sneakers


Do you love comfortable men's sneakers? Then look no further because we have the perfect pair of kicks for you. 


Introducing; the slip-on men's sneakers. These running shoes are perfect for your daily activities full of lunch dates and running errands. All you have to do is slip your feet into these slide-on men's sneakers, and away you go with your day. 


These are perfect to pair with the baggy, casual clothes you choose to wear on a day spent at home doing some housework. If you have to dip out of the house for a little while, then these men's sneakers will allow you to do that with ease.   


Do You Feel Ready to Master a Casual Look in Men's Sneakers?  


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