A great pair of shoes can be the best Christmas present

With the joys of Christmas comes the major predicament of what to buy for your loved ones. It is no secret that shoes would make the perfect Christmas gift. However, with such a vast selection of footwear, the real question is, how can I find the right shoe for my loved one?

Gifts for Mum

Christmas is traditionally a very busy time for Mums. During this period, they are often busy looking after everyone else, buying presents and cooking delicious feasts. By treating her to a special pair of glamorous high heels, she will feel pampered and glam and ready to take on the whirlwind of Christmas Day in style! Or if your Mum is not the high heel-wearing type, why not purchase a pair of wedges. Not only is this type of heel comfortable, but wedges are the perfect women's shoe to transform from the 9-5 office job, to drinks with the girls. There is no doubt that Mum will be thrilled when she receives a pair of these!

Latest Styles for a Girlfriend or Daughter

If you’re purchasing for your girlfriend, best friend or daughter, a stylish pair of flats might be the way to go. There’s a variety of styles available for purchase, including sandals, slides, thongs, loafers and ballet flats. A pair of sandals is a present that can never go wrong; they are perfect for the beach, going out for dinner with friends and everyday life – a gift that every budding fashionista will love!

We even have something for Dad

However, one of the most common statements around Christmas time is ‘what can I get Dad? He seems to have everything already’. Well, we have the answer for you! Our range caters to every type of ‘Dad’, if he’s looking for a dress shoe, or a sensible shoe like a work boot or pair of sneakers. Spendless Shoes have a range of Men's Shoes

Range of Boys Shoes

Boys, one of the hardest to shop for, often asking for a video game for Christmas which will result in them stuck to the TV all summer. A trendy pair of our shoes would not only be more their ‘cup of tea’ but practical and will get them out of the house. Our casual shoes such as a pair of boat shoes or loafers or perhaps a pair of sandals or thongs would make for the perfect Christmas present and results in a win-win for everyone!

Can’t make a Decision? Spendless Shoes Voucher

Or if you’re not sure that any of these suggestions suit your special someone, why not buy them a Spendless Shoes voucher, so they have the freedom to buy their perfect shoes without missing out. These can be spent at any of our 222 stores, so you can always be sure that there will be one close by!

And for those who dread the thought of having to brave the Christmas rush in-store or simply just does not have enough time, why not use our online store for your perfect Christmas gift in the comfort of your own home.